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Let's Fight Loneliness

Klok 1 million smiles today for a better tomorrow

It's Such A Beautiful Way To Be With You Forever

I can live in your memory so our closeness will never die. It’s how I share my inspiration, kind words, private stories and it’s there forever, told in real-time.

My Time Capsules Will Travel Through Eternity

I love this idea, it's so convenient. I'm a bad sleeper and it helps me clear my mind. It's so private and yet I can put things into time capsules that I know my kids will love someday.
Bridget, Ireland
Mother of Two
What a great concept, store my personal stuff securely and have it conveniently shared only if I'm no longer around. I'm glad I found this app because I love being organised.
Barry, UK
Business Owner
This is just awesome. My favourite part is making short videos that I hope they'll enjoy one day. It makes me smile knowing my great-grandchildren will know who I was.
Tonya, USA
Grandmother of Four
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It's How My Memories Are Shared Eternally

Life is short! Won’t it be amazing to think that I’ll be remembered forever. This is why I create time capsules for everyone that matters to me.

It's Where I Inspire My Children

My kids are my incredible legacy, I want to protect them in a world where I’m no longer with them. Now they can find me in time capsules I’ve created, to listen to my funny stories, my silly advice and to know how much I love them.

Lindsey's Story
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What’s Wisdom If You Can’t Pass It On?

- Don Culloty

Moments Worth Kloking

Everybody Loves Klokbox

An awesome idea, I have so many memories I want to share, so many stories I want to tell and so many people I want to thank. It's addictive, you'll really enjoy it, trust me on that!
Maryanne, USA
Head of HR
Klokbox is the app I didn’t know I needed. I was surprised I could do so much for free. I use it to store valuable and personal information that I know others will need. Such a wonderful idea!
Torin, Ireland
Mother & Wife
It's so much more fulfilling that the hours I wasted on Instagram. It’s a brilliant way to keep a diary and share great memories with close friends.
Tonya, USA
College Student

Klok A Moment That They'll Hold Forever

Accessible, Private, Flexible & Safe

Nobody can see my Kloks, they’re encrypted securely on the AWS cloud until I choose when and how to release them. I also protect things in life with a strong access code which affords me bank-level security. Read more about our security measures here.

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Klokbox is a magical place where I get to share who I am with everyone I really care about.

Life is about stories. Bring your story to life through videos, photos, audio recordings or even documents so everybody you care about gets a special gift.

Time capsules are eternal. It’s where you bring your stories to life and they live forever.

Life is unpredictable whether you’ve just begun university, fallen in love or started a family. Wouldn’t you like to control how you’ll be remembered? Love is about the people in your life, your gratitude to those who helped you and the funny stories you shared together.

You’re making a conscious decision to invest in yourself, your family and future generations. When you subscribe you’ll fill your capsules with everything they’ll love and everything they’ll need and you’ll guarantee they’re released by appointing multiple keyholders so you’re never forgotten!