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Leaving behind a time capsule is the perfect way to ensure that your loved one’s memory will be cherished forever. This quick tutorial shows you how easy it is to create one using Klokbox. Embrace and cherish your family history, so that it can be passed down through the generations.  Create a deceased time capsule for a loved one who has died and let future descendants know their roots. Leave a meaningful legacy of love for them to carry on into eternity.

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Keep Memories Alive And Support Those You Love

Nothing can truly prepare you for the deep and abiding sorrow that comes with loss, even if it is something you have expected. After the initial shock fades away, days pass as life goes on. However, often the immense pain hits much later when seemingly mundane tasks become overwhelming burdens. Understandably then, more distant support may lessen in intensity over time. Luckily there are still ways to show your care during this difficult period! Just remember: no gesture of kindness or compassion ever goes unnoticed by those going through such a hard trial. Keep reaching out from wherever you are!

  • make specific offers of help such as cooking dinner, cutting the grass, or going for a walk – the grieving person may find it hard to ask for help
  • ask them how you can help – do not assume that they are “over it” or they have enough help
  • talk about the person who has died – avoiding the subject does not keep grief away
  • give them space to make their own decisions – do not offer advice on how they should feel, act or get on with their lives
  • try to remember special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries
  • let them know how they can reach out for help – for example, video calls or online support, they may be unsure about what they can ask for

Creating a Deceased Time Capsule Can Help The Grieving Process

Grieving can be incredibly hard for someone who has lost a loved one. Help your family and loved ones know that they have all the support they need. Help them feel comforted, supported, and loved. Find the right thing to say and talk about their loss with respect. One of the best ways to honour the person who died is to keep their memories alive. That’s one of our main goals at Klokbox. We want to help people live eternally and make our loved ones feel supported, loved, and remembered. Do it for them by creating a time capsule for someone who has died and ensure their legacy will be alive forever! 

If you’re not sure what to do or say, it’s okay to just be there for the person who is grieving. Sometimes, just being present can be a big help. Remember that everyone grieves differently and there is no right or wrong way to do it. Offer support when you can but don’t feel offended if the person refuses your help or prefers to get help from someone else.

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