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Once, I sent a Klokbox message to my crush asking them out. She had to wait three days to see it. The suspense was killer! Spoiler: We’re dating now! – Luca, Toronto – Canada

Digital Time Capsules

Ever wished you could freeze time? Now you can!

Send a message into the future that makes your friends wonder, speculate, and, most importantly, squirm. It’s like having your own superpower!

Remember, with Klokbox, you have the power to decide when your messages see the light of day. Be the master of suspense, the keeper of secrets, and the ultimate prankster. Future you is waiting!


Klokbox Time Capsules. Stories For Tomorrow
Klokbox Time Capsules. Stories For Tomorrow

Time Travel For My Secrets

I'm all about suspense, and Klokbox just gets me! I sent my BFF a secret message that only unlocked on her birthday - she was so excited and the suspense nearly drove her crazy! Klokbox is like the perfect tool for my pranking mastermind.
Jake, USA
15 Years Old
Klokbox is the real deal! I flirted with my crush by sending him a date invite that was locked for five days. He said the suspense was killer, but worth it. We're going on our second date this weekend! Thank you, Klokbox!
Hannah, Australia
17 Years Old
Klokbox is my go-to for surprising my friends with future messages. I even planned a scavenger hunt for my best friend's birthday, and the clues were all time-locked messages! She loved it! This app takes fun to a whole new level.
Ella, UK
16 Years Old
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Memory Time Capsules
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Stories For Tomorrow

Life is short! Won’t it be amazing to think that you’ll be remembered forever? This is a great reason to create digital memory boxes for everyone that matters to you.

Klok your special moments like: A group of teenage friends laughing in a park.

In Our Children We Design The Future

kids are an incredible legacy for anyone, You’ll want to protect your own family, just in case you’re no longer with them. Now they can find you in digital memory boxes, to listen to funny stories, silly jokes, and smart advice, just to know how much you love them.

Lindsey's Story
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What’s Wisdom If You Can’t Pass It On?

- Don Culloty, CEO

Klokbox For Every Occasion

Everyone Will Cherish Their Memory Boxes

An awesome idea, I have so many memories I want to share, so many stories I want to tell and so many people I want to thank. It's addictive, you'll really enjoy it, trust me on that!
Maryanne, USA
Head of HR
Klokbox is the app I didn’t know I needed. I was surprised I could do so much for free. I use it to store valuable and personal information that I know others will need. Such a wonderful idea!
Torin, Ireland
Mother & Wife
It's so much more fulfilling that the hours I wasted on Instagram. It’s a brilliant way to keep a diary and share great memories with close friends.
Ashley, USA
College Student

It's Just Like Living In The Afterlife


Totally Private Until Shared By You

Nobody can see your Kloks, they’re encrypted securely on the AWS cloud until you choose when and how to release them. You also protect things in life with a strong access code which affords you bank-level security. Read more about our security measures here.

How to get started?

So Simple To Klok! You'd Be Crazy Not To

Klokbox Time Capsules. Stories For Tomorrow

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Klokbox Time Capsules. Stories For Tomorrow

Add Your First Memory

Klokbox Time Capsules. Stories For Tomorrow

Name A Memory Box

Klokbox Time Capsules. Stories For Tomorrow

It's Saved Forever !

You Asked About Klokbox

We Answered

A memory sharing app that captures daily snapshots of your life, to future share authentic experiences with selected friends and family as digital memory boxes.

Life is about stories, bring you own story to life through memories, videos, photos, audio recordings or even documents so everybody you care about gets a special gift.

Digital Memory Boxes are the only secure way of passing on private or sentimental information to the people who may need it. It’s where you’ll bring memories, love, inspiration to life and it’s how you literally can live forever.

Life is unpredictable, won’t it be important to know that your memory boxes get shared ? Age is not relevant and whether you’ve just begun university, fallen in love or just started a family you’ll be in control of how you’ll be remembered? Love is about the people in your life, gratitude to those who helped you and the funny stories you shared togetther. Know that everyone gets what you’ve created for them.

It’s simple ! type a message, add your name and phone number, validate the number, name your first memory box and that’s it. The rest you can do later.