Why Klokbox?

Posted by Klokbox on February 18,2021

What is Klokbox all about ? I got a real fright when my Dad died.

Not alone was he my friend but it was all very sudden and completely unexpected, with no warning whatsoever and while dancing with my mom he suddenly turned out the lights.

Oddly enough it’s the way he would like to have gone, ‘he liked making bold statements’ but it’s still hard to accept that one moment he was laughing and then he was gone.

It made me realise how fragile our lives are, how busy we have become and how we all assume tomorrow will always come.

This is where I started my creation  – Klokbox – as a way of trying to establish an eternal connection. It was a great way for him to go I have no doubt but it left us with a massive void of the great unsaid, the not knowing was the hardest and after the shock of sudden loss – the confusion.

What we are trying to help with is :

  • The miracle of eternal connection with those we love.
  • The apathy of not being able to get organised.
  • The procrastination surrounding creating a great legacy.
  • The paradox of making complex things uncomplex – interesting, simple, cheap and convenient.
  • Yet keeping things legally binding, secure and private.

What if we could simply keep our lives in a box, put all that important stuff in one place, keep it updated and editable and know that it’s private.

What if we could then also be sure that if anything were to actually happen that this stuff would get distributed.

Knowing that everyone important to us would get all the things that are important to them, knowing that they knew how much we cared.

Sounds pretty awesome right, well that’s just what we have achieved with Klokbox.

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