Our Emotions and Our Organs

Posted by Klokbox on March 08,2021

I once had a chinese client visit me with a suspected blood disease. He was initially diagnosed with leukemia/blood disorder but subsequently this was changed to thyroid dysfunction (underactive – hypothyroidism) and his symptoms were – tired, losing lots of weight and very stressed out.

He was quite unhappy with the diagnosis from his doctor and he looked really unwell, quite jaundiced in appearance and he discussed being a chef who’d had his marriage break down, lost his job and was heavy drinking, had financial problems and some court problems.

I’m always surprised by why I feel so disturbed when the ‘go to’ solution of modern medicine is to ‘treat the symptom’. The symptom was his blood but the cause was more of a chronic fatigue – adrenal burnout to my view.

I generally perform a timeline for my clients, I find that this generally brings me to places that provide great insight as to where things began to go astray. Often we end up at early childhood (a subject for another post). This guy clearly had extreme emotional stress so I took a look at his timeline, I use this to work my way back to where this ‘frame of reference began’.

Emotional stress is a killer because we are as we think so I usually try to establish the emotion that is out of balance and this is usually given away by the organs affected.

Heart Joy/Fright/Love
Liver/Gall Bladder Anger Resentment Frustration
Lungs/Large Intestine Grief/Anxiety
Stomach/ Pensiveness
Spleen Worry/Fatigue
Kidneys/Bladder Fear/Fright

Vitamin Mineral Approach

Natural Dessicated Thyroid (pigs) seems to work better than T4, suggested he discuss this with his doctor and for stress I looked at his vit A, C, B1 and B6
Supergreens will help for Energy
Apple Cider Vinegar may help his acidity.
Folic acid in the form of folate (B9) helping cell creation.
Krill oil for Omega 3, vit D (helps calcium absorption and also for mood) combined with Vit K2 to
promote absorption.
Liver and Kidney Function are priorities for conversion of thyroxine so I suggest milk thistle extract.

My Overall Approach
(1) Energy Work : 4 days to improve overall circulation and health – Blood (via red and white
corp. brings oxygen and heals/repairs) Good Blood Supply is vital. The frequency upon which
the body operates determines the growth of future cells.
We replace 100% of our cells in 7 years and the body is eternally renewing itself.
Focusing on the Thyroid area.
(2) Attitude : Suggest keep control, positivity, image, perception, remove negativity. Strongly suggest taking work a little easier and spending time in nature.
(3) Gut Bacteria and Micro-Organisms are totally compromised – suggest probiotics are vital for enteric/stomach health and are affected by what we eat/drink and by antibiotics so suggest he boost himself with 100billion probiotics per day. Papaya Fruit Puree (Caricol) – Tummy
(4) Food Nutrition : You are what you eat – Cook if Possible and keep away from processed
foods both cooked and uncooked – that means ‘Fast Food’ too and above all avoid microwave food.(5) Breath Work for Anxiety Relief – Chi Kung
(6) I would do a food intolerance test and look for Eliminating irritants – Likely Candidates being
Potato [are nightshades and known to be toxic (cause Swelling)]

Think hunter/gatherer, it will help to understand that ‘fast’ usually means unhealthy.
Learning to cook with nutritious foods, no GM, try to stay organic if at all possible.
Avoid if possible : farmed fish, mass produced pork or chicken (these are mostly antibiotics and hormones)
Non Organic Veg (sprayed too often)
GM Foods – bred to be resistant and therefore complex for our digestion
Gluten – mostly because grain is GM and we cannot digest this form of gluten.

Dairy is basically un-digestible, mucus forming and clogs us up.
Avoid sugars – where possible and never add sugar to anything as it feeds Illness
Try to NOT use a Microwave [microwaves heat by killing which leaves our food with low nutritional value]
Load up on clean water – Ideally from a fast flowing sources or an organic well, water is lifegiving.
Treated water kills h2o (oxygen) by adding Chlorine to kill bacteria. Flouride added for bones
actually poisons [Irony is that Chlorine effects oxygen and floride effects cells] – Why add it.
Eat lots of Fresh Organic Fruit and Veg/Nuts etc
Wild Fish (Omega 3) and Organic or Wild Fowl
Sweet Potato if Source Known is a great alternative to Potato (can Inflame)
Lamb as your Red Meat/Iron Source
Use non Dairy – Non GM Milks – Rice, Coconut or Almond depending on taste.
Generally cook using natural fats/small amounts of butter – preferable to margarine (chemical)
(6) Emotions/Stress : Our outside stresses such as work and relationships are compex enough and become internal stresses on organs where emotions get internalised – grief can actually sap our will to live.

My chinese client was suffering an emotional illness and made a full recovery to live a happy life without chemical medication.

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