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Klokbox is Fort Knox Secure Because We Care About Your Privacy

We understand how important your stories are to someone else. We keep things safe for you in life and we protect those you care about after you are gone.

Klokbox Time Capsules. Stories For Tomorrow

With Klokbox Your Data Is Always Safe

Data Encryption

For protection, we secure your data in-flight and at rest.  Communications between WEB Servers and Mobile Apps are encrypted. Your data at rest in the database and file storage is also encrypted.

Klokbox Time Capsules. Stories For Tomorrow

Cloud Storage

We not only use best in class, industry strength encryption technologies to provide secure storage, but we also partner with the most advanced cloud provider in the world for data processing, communications and storage.

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Klokbox Time Capsules. Stories For Tomorrow

Accessible, Flexible & Safe

Nobody sees your data, it’s encrypted and stored securely on the AWS cloud until your keyholder triggers its release. Protect your data in life with a strong access code that affords you bank-level security.

Where Do You Save Your Memories?

Your kloks are memories, documents, and secrets that are going to be shared with your klokmates only after you are ready/when the time is right. You decide who can see your memories and whom you’ll share your secrets & documents with and our multilayered release mechanisms will protect your data from prying eyes and only share things when you are ready.

Yes! No one except you can access or see your data in life. It is shared when the time is right. You can nominate a key holder who can trigger bereavement processing, your kloks will be appropriately released to your klockmates. 

Klokbox Time Capsules. Stories For Tomorrow

It is always your prerogative to voluntarily close your account at any time, for security reasons we will hold your data safe for a short period of time, currently 365 days. This is known as the change of mind period, during this period your data is recoverable to you and you will be required to provide your unique recovery code [URC] in order to re-populate your account.

Your data will be held safe for as long as you require the data to be stored and for as long as your Klokbox account remains active, should your account become inactive for a period of more than 90 days we will send you a reminder. If you do not respond to four consecutive reminders we will consider your account closed and you will be notified accordingly. Your data will remain recoverable for a period of 365 days from the date of closure, using your URC as the only recovery mechanism available to you. Once data has been released by your appointed keyholder, this data also becomes the property of the acquiring Klokbox and will only be recoverable to you using your URC.

Why People Choose Klokbox

An awesome idea, I have so many memories I want to share, so many stories I want to tell and so many people I want to thank. It's addictive, you'll really enjoy it, trust me on that!
Maryanne, USA
Head of HR
Klokbox is the app I didn’t know I needed. I was surprised I could do so much for free. I use it to store valuable and personal information that I know others will need. Such a wonderful idea!
Torin, Ireland
Mother & Wife
It's so much more fulfilling that the hours I wasted on Instagram. It’s a brilliant way to keep a diary and share great memories with close friends.
Tonya, USA
College Student

Your Memories Are Protected

Klokbox Time Capsules. Stories For Tomorrow

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Klokbox Time Capsules. Stories For Tomorrow
Klokbox Time Capsules. Stories For Tomorrow

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Klokbox Time Capsules. Stories For Tomorrow
Klokbox Time Capsules. Stories For Tomorrow

Safekeep Your Secrets

Discover Your Genealogy

Klokbox Time Capsules. Stories For Tomorrow

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