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A memory sharing app that captures daily snapshots of your life, to future share authentic experiences with selected friends and family as digital memory boxes.

Digital Memory Boxes are a secure way of sharing private or sentimental moments with the people you love. It’s where you’ll bring memories, love, inspiration to life. You can share it and relive it whenever you like…or keep it to yourself.

A Klokmate is someone who can see the memories you have added to their box and can contribute memories of their own. You decide who gets to see what to box…it’s completely private until shared by you.

Whether it’s a birthday surprise or a wedding not all boxes are ready to be seen yet. A reveal date puts you in control of when your klokmates can see what’s in the box you have created. Reveal it now or set a reveal date.

You can send a 5 second sneak peak to your friends and family to tease them. Show them a quick snippet of what’s in the box to build anticipation until whatever date you’ve decided?

Phone numbers are how Klokboxes travel! By adding a phone number your box can be viewed by whoever you invite to see it.

  • A recovery code is a unique code we will send you so you never get locked out of your memories! Should you forget your password, there’s no panic now…with your email we’ll email you a quick code and you’ll be back Kloking in no time!

That’s up you! Whoever you invite to see your memory box can see what you’ve added but only from the reveal date you’ve set. Each box is unique so you can add different Klokmates to different boxes.

That’s no problem! Click “I’ll connect Klokmates later” and Klok away. This way the memory box can only be viewed by you and if you change your mind at a later stage you can add a phone number then.

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