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Klokbox it’s more than just an app – it’s your digital story box filled with love, wisdom and stories worth passing on.


To Klok™ means to capture and preserve stories and memories on the Klokbox app. Save genuine experiences and convert them into storybooks. Add memories into personalised story boxes, revisit and share those special moments with friends and family.

Add Your First Story
Klok your memories like: 4 teenagers in the park playing cards


Add your precious moments to a personalised story box and choose the right time for them to be revealed.


Relive your memories now or release them in the future to your loved ones!

How Do Memories Work Make Memories For A Lifetime

Special Moments Captured in One App

Klokbox is your magical treasure chest! Store your stories, photos, and videos in your personal story box. Don’t let these golden memories slip away—give them a hug and klok them today!

Klok your special moments like: grandfather and the child looking at a plant
Klok your special moments like: A group of teenage friends laughing in a park.

What Makes #Klokboxmoment Special?

The #klokboxmoment isn’t just another hashtag—it’s a movement. It’s about cherishing the present and anticipating the joys of future reflections. Every #klokboxmoment captured is a slice of life, neatly packed into your Klokbox digital memory box.

Why Choose Klokbox?

Klokbox is not just an app, it’s an exciting journey through time. Striving to blend user-centric features and intuitive design to capture, cherish, and share every treasured #klokboxmoment in your ultimate memory box.

Klok your special moments like S'more than a summer
Klok your special moments

Story Boxes
Travel Through Generations

It would be so exciting for future generations to open story boxes and get to know their ancestors. To hear their advice or simply listen to their stories. Imagine having a memory box from one’s own grandparents or parents; it would have been comforting to have their presence, especially during challenging times.

A story capturing app recording daily snapshots of life, to be relived, shared or passed on privately to others.

Digital Story Boxes are the only secure way of passing on private or sentimental information to the people who may need it. It’s where you’ll bring memories, love, inspiration to life and it’s how you literally can live forever.

#klokboxmoment - Klok Your Summer Memory With Klokbox

That’s up to you! Whoever you invite to see your story box can see what you’ve added but only from the reveal date you’ve set. Each box is unique so you can invite different people to different boxes for each significant chapter of your life and for each character of your story.

Download the Klokbox app, start kloking your stories and enjoy your beautiful kloks that can be shared for generations to come. 

Hey Hero! When You Klok You Really Rock!

I love how Klokbox works, it's so convenient. I'm a bad sleeper and it helps me clear my mind. It's so private and yet I can put things into time capsules that I know my kids will love someday.
Bridget, Ireland
Mother of Two
What a great concept, store my personal stuff securely and have it conveniently shared only if I'm no longer around. I'm glad I found this app because I love being organised.
Barry, UK
Business Owner
This is just awesome. My favorite part is making short videos that I hope they'll enjoy one day. It makes me smile knowing my great-grandchildren will know who I was.
Tonya, USA
Grandmother of Four