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Time capsules are a way of preserving your memories in the future. They are a way of making sure that no matter what comes down tomorrow, you’ll remember the fun times together with your family.

In this day and age, people don’t have time to save every letter or photo they take. The internet has made it easy for us to take our memories with us. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do today!

Creating a time capsule is one of the most important things you can do for your family and future generations. A time capsule is like a mini-repository for your past and future memories. It will help you remember special and important times. You can find out how to create a time capsule here.

Why would you want to create a time capsule?

Today, technology has evolved so much that we can not only build time capsules for our memories, but also for our ancestors, kids and grandkids.

create a time capsule

create a time capsule

However, a time capsule’s purpose is entirely different from the one of a time capsule used by people from the past. A time capsule shouldn’t be only used as an archive of valuable information and historical events that have happened in the past, but also for great moments that are currently happening in our lives and things you want future generations to have and know about you & your times.

Why save your memories?

Many cultures have an interpretation of this quote “You live as long as you are remembered”, and that’s why it’s important to preserve your memories, capture your precious moments and pass on your wisdom.

Wouldn’t it be cool to remember who you used to be and what life was like before this moment in time? There are several reasons why it would be great to have a time capsule:

  • Pass on something from family members, friends, and/or colleagues.
  • Share what was once thought of as taboo and/or private information with someone else who could potentially benefit from it.
  • Show our children what we had before they were born.
  • Make learning easier for people interested in science and technology.
  • It’s nice to have somewhere safe where we can save our thoughts and ideas.

Why pass down your time capsules to future generations? 

Memories should be passed down from generation to generation, so you can share your memories with family members and friends. It’s a great way for children in the present day who may not have been around when an event happened or haven’t learned about it firsthand yet!

It’s a place where your thoughts, feelings, and ideas can be kept safe. For example, when you think of the future, you may have some unfinished business. Maybe there is something that you want to accomplish or accomplish as a person.

So you need to keep these things close at hand because it’s likely that one day they will be needed again. For example, if one were to die tomorrow, what would be the last thing one would want to do? The only way to make sure that it gets done is for someone else to remember it and pass it on. But how does one go about doing this?

You can create your time capsule today with Klokbox

It couldn’t be easier to start preserving your ideas and memories with Klokbox. Just download the app here, follow the simple sign-up process, and voila, you have your digital and super secure time capsule ready to be filled with incredible stories, ideas, and memories for future generations.

create a time capsule

create a time capsule

What to add to your time capsule? 

  • Childhood stories;
  • Life lessons;
  • Important life events – graduating high school, getting into university, getting married, buying a house, having a baby, etc.;
  • Important documents;
  • Your will, funeral wishes, and organ donation decision.

A time capsule contains everything of value to future generations, most of the information is sentimental but who said you can’t add the serious stuff there as well?

A time capsule is a great way to preserve and share your memories with your loved ones today and in the future. That’s why it’s important to keep one with you at all times. Thanks to modern technology, you can have one in your pocket always. Download Klokbox here to create your digital time capsule today!

create a time capsule

create a time capsule