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Digital Story Boxes

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There is no shortage of ways to document our lives online but few inspire personal reflection as much as Klokbox

Family Stories Are Pure Gold

Klokbox is the perfect way to preserve memories for eternity! With stories, photos, videos and more you’ll keep everything safe in one place. Don’t let those precious memories fade away, klok them today!

Family in the field. Klokbox Time Capsules. Stories For Tomorrow
Klokbox Time Capsules. Stories For Tomorrow

Send A Little Love into the Future Using Klokbox

Just imagine a personalised letter from your grandma, a video message from your late parents or a funny childhood story from your aunt. Now you can create a personalised memory box that will allow loved ones to experience your thoughts and emotions from the past, present and future. What a beautiful way to keep those you love close to your heart!

What If Something Happens? Do My Story Boxes Get Released

Should anything happen to me, I know my kloks are in good hands and my keyholders will release them when it’s time. The keyholder system ensures that my memories and important documents remain protected and inaccessible until the perfect moment. I love that I can set two keyholders, not just one.

Klokbox Time Capsules. Stories For Tomorrow
Klokbox Time Capsules. Stories For Tomorrow

Story Boxes
Travel Through Generations

It will be so exciting for my kids, grand kids and their kids to open memory boxes and know me. Hear my advice or just listen to my stories. I wish I’d received a memory box from my own mom, it would have simplified things to just have her by my side, when times got tough.

Life is about stories, bring you own story to life through memories, videos, photos, audio recordings or even documents so everybody you care about gets a special gift.

Digital Story Boxes are the only secure way of passing on private or sentimental information to the people who may need it. It’s where you’ll bring memories, love, inspiration to life and it’s how you literally can live forever.

A Keyholders is someone you can rely on, to be there when needed. They must accept their position of trust and can activate a key request if needed (which you can stop btw), once validated they’ll get a digital key and voila ! your memory boxes will release to their intended (using phone numbers). You can choose up to two keyholders for total security.

It’s simple ! Type a message, add your name and phone number, validate the number, name your first story box and that’s it. The rest you can do later. 

Hey Hero, When You Klok You Really Rock!

I love how Klokbox works, it's so convenient. I'm a bad sleeper and it helps me clear my mind. It's so private and yet I can put things into time capsules that I know my kids will love someday.
Bridget, Ireland
Mother of Two
What a great concept, store my personal stuff securely and have it conveniently shared only if I'm no longer around. I'm glad I found this app because I love being organised.
Barry, UK
Business Owner
This is just awesome. My favorite part is making short videos that I hope they'll enjoy one day. It makes me smile knowing my great-grandchildren will know who I was.
Tonya, USA
Grandmother of Four