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Our Community Are Your Customers Too

We partner with incredible companies who share our values   

Klokbox Time Capsules. Stories For Tomorrow

Funding Charities

We help you grow your income by bringing your charity to  the attention of loving parents at the right moment. 

Klokbox Time Capsules. Stories For Tomorrow

Life Assurance Or Health Insurance

We share your values, we are a community of families who also  care about our customers health so we are your perfect strategic partner. 

Klokbox for Kids

Why Partner With Klokbox

Our values are aligned, when you partner with us you build on your hard earned relationships and improve customer retention by offering an added value product to the service you provide yourself. Partnering with Klokbox you’ll message empathy, love and understanding and will certainly be doing the right thing for customers and employees.

Make The Most Of Every Moment with Klokbox Story Boxes
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Working Together Makes Total Sense


Efficiency and simplicity. You appoint the keyholder who at the right time will trigger our algorithm – to release your things.


Eternally connect with those you truly care about and share the stuff that really matters to them if anything should suddenly happen to you.


Klokbox is more than just a memory box. It’s a storybook that your family will pass down through the generations.

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Klokbox Stories

New Mom Feeling Overwhelmed​ By The Experience

We got her Klokbox to help her with her anxiety over what could happen. Writing and recording has helped her in so many ways. Now she spends time with Klokbox every day because it’s private it has made a big difference.

Emily Barns, UK

Divorced Dad

There’s no easy breakup when you have children together. I found Klokbox to be fantastic while I was working my way through and after the divorce. I became separated from the children while I moved away from home. Klokbox was an incredible way of recording my memories, experiences and feelings.

William O Brien, Cork Ireland

Single Mom

Sharing feelings does not come easy to me. I like to tell stories and share family memories but I needed an easy way to thank those who supported me through the early years with my children.

Tara Walsh, South Shields

Strategic Partnerships Work