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We Empower Incredible Parenting

What if you could gift someone the most precious thing in the world? Klokbox lets you do just that, using memory boxes. It’s the perfect way to record a special moment or simply say “I love you” from the great beyond. Gift what matters – at an important moment.

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Why Klokbox Is Simply Magical

Its the perfect way to preserve your life’s work. Incredible memories for your future generations. With our easy-to-use platform you can create memory boxes for everyone you care about, that they’ll treasure always. Don’t just let memories fade away and be fondly remembered forever.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower parents to share life experiences, stories, personal information and memories into their children’s future.

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Our Vision

To positively impact the world, to empower family connection by using digital memory boxes to help parents share life experiences, stories, personal information and finances intuitively with their  children,

Our Values


Family is the cornerstone of our lives to appreciate and treasure. We empower people to eternally connect with their loved ones through the power of digital memory boxes.


We are committed in heart and mind to helping each family connect eternally through digital memory boxes.


Integrity is more than just a word - it's who we are. We don't take shortcuts and we never will; when everything comes down to doing what’s right, there can be no compromise in service of our customers' best interests.


We are an innovative and passionate team that believes in continuous improvement. We take risks, encourage curiosity, learn from mistakes and constantly strive to exceed expectations!


Klokbox has always been about making things simple. We take the complexity and apathy out of legacy planning and make it fun, exciting and cuddly.

Assets & Guidelines

We have a few guidelines that will help to ensure the best experience possible, so please take time out of your day and read these carefully!


Klokbox is always spelled with capital ‘K’ and lower case ‘b’. It’s simply Klokbox, not KlokBox or Klockbox. Klok and Klokbox are registered trade marks under classes 9, 35 and 38.

The word Klok is Swedish for being wise, it’s Dutch for being timely and it’s now the verb for sending information into the future. Klokbox is your personal place to keep it safe until it’s needed and it’s the solution to our changing times where convenience and freedom to edit are important priorities.


We have a large variation of our logo. Mostly, we use just the name in our signature font, the name with the hummingbird and also both of them paired with the tagline “Stories For Tomorrow”. We chose the hummingbird because it signifies the unique ability of Klokbox to fly back in time. I’m sure you’ll love filling your very own memory box – securing your memories for future generations to enjoy.

klokbox logo
klokbox logo
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This is a friendly legal reminder that these graphics are proprietary and protected under intellectual property laws.


  • Use our Brand Assets to refer to Klokbox, Provide plenty of space around the Klokbox logo.
  • Write “Klokbox” as a single word, and only capitalize the “K”.
  • Comply with our Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy.
  • Link to https://klokbox.com/ or other applicable URL when using our Brand Assets.


  • Alter these files in any way.
  • Display these graphics in a way that implies a relationship, affiliation, or endorsement by Klokbox of your product, service, or business.
  • Use these graphics as part of your own product, business, or service’s name.
  • Combine these graphics with any other graphics without written consent from Klokbox.

You can download our logos and Press Kit here.

Learn How Klokbox Can Help You

Check out this detailed guide on how Klokbox can help you save your memories, protect your family and protect your legacy.

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Klokbox Stories

Mom Diagnosed With Cancer

We got her Klokbox to help her with her anxiety. Writing and recording has helped her in so many ways. Now she spends time with Klokbox every day because it’s private it has made a big difference.

Emily Barns, UK

Dad Suddenly Passed Away

We were left with a terrible mess to deal with, as a close family we stuck together and got through it but it does make you wonder.

William O’Brien, Ireland

Emotional Sharing

Sharing feelings does not come easy to me. I like to tell stories and share family history but I needed an easy way to thank those who supported me.

Joshua Walsh, South Shields