It's A Digital Time Capsule That Will Only Get Shared With Loved Ones

... should anything ever happen to you!

Our Mission

To help ease the pain that surrounds dying, we've identified a very clear problem in the legacy space.

Is this safe?

A digital diary that's 100% safe. Privacy and security are paramount, so we offer bank level accessibility and the safety of algorithmic release.


That combines efficiency with convenience to create a valuable comprehensive legal legacy to those left behind.

Privacy and Flexibility

An app that is convenient and complete. It's always at your fingertip to take things slowly.

See Your Legacy Live Beyond Your Lifetime

What’s Klokbox?

Klokbox is a digital journal to simplify how you'll gather, record and keep private the things others may need if anything happens to you.

What are kloks?

Kloks are everything you'll place in memory boxes. Your private messages, documents, or passwords which are personalised to those who'll need them. We've trademarked the word Klok, it means to share things into the future. It's good to klok - before you pop off!

Who are klokmates?

Klokmates are your family, friends, partner and anyone else that matters to you. Tell them “I love you” in a special way by adding them to your Klokbox. Start sharing your memories with your klokmates.

I don't need a will, I'm young

Life is unpredictable whether you’ve just begun university, have fallen in love, or have a new family. Your legacy is more than just a will, it’s about the people in your life, gratitude to those who helped you, and the stories you’d like to share with them. Life is so much more than money and with Klokbox you simply change things any time you like.

Why not a lawyer?

Our lives are busy so our data and our wishes are transient. Will writing is about money, it’s complicated, expensive and inflexible. Klokbox allows you to build your comprehensive legacy at your convenience and it’s editable at any time.

Why would I subscribe?

Congratulations! You’ve kloked your memories, stories, and images and you’ve even made your will but who will release it? What if something happens to you? When you subscribe and appoint a keyholder your loved ones will each get their own memory box, exactly the things you want them to have - at the right moment.

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Klokbox Story

On A Mission

To empower people through memories and stories to record their valuable legacy that will be cherished for future generations.

A Touch of Genius

Efficiency and simplicity. You appoint the keyholder who at the right time will trigger our algorithm - to release your things.

My story

My Dad suddenly dying meant lots would change in our family and the loss of his memories, inspiration, and stories was compounded by him not having made a will.

This seemed irrational despite the inevitability of death and I soon realised that very few actually prepare for death as creating a legacy is mostly perceived as a financial product that's complicated, inconvenient, and overpriced.

My Dad was emotional and loving but he found expressing his feelings difficult and although he gave us inspiration and support he would have loved the intimacy of Klokbox where he could create individual memory boxes for each of us. He was the type that needed to do things slowly and in private. I'm certain he would have made a will too because he could have done it from the comfort of home.

The word Klok is Swedish for being wise, it's Dutch for being timely and it's now the verb for sending information into the future. Klokbox is your personal place to keep it safe until it's needed and it's the solution to our changing times where convenience and freedom to edit are important priorities.

Our logo is a hummingbird because it signifies the unique ability of Klokbox to fly back in time. I'm sure you'll love filling your very own time capsule - securing your memory to future generations.

Kind regards,
Don Culloty