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“I’ve turned fleeting snapshots of my life into extraordinary stories, I call them Klokbox Moments.”  –   Stephanie Roberts CA

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"It's the diary I've dreamed of where my private thoughts, photos, videos and voice memos are captured in one place.
- Ashley
An awesome idea, I have so many memories I want to share, so many stories I want to tell and so many people I want to thank. It's addictive, you'll really enjoy it, trust me on that!
Maryanne, USA
Head of HR
Klokbox is the app I didn’t know I needed. I was surprised I could do so much for free. I use it to store valuable and personal information that I know others will need. Such a wonderful idea!
Torin, Ireland
Mother & Wife
It's so much more fulfilling that the hours I wasted on Instagram. It’s a brilliant way to keep a diary and share great memories with close friends.
Ashley, USA
College Student

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