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As parents, we constantly strive to create meaningful memories and capture the special moments in our children’s lives. One innovative and heartfelt way to achieve this is by creating a family time capsule. A time capsule allows us to capture a slice of our child’s world and preserve precious family memories for them to discover and reflect upon in the future. In this blog, we will explore the process of creating a time capsule for your child, as well as the many reasons why you should begin your time capsule journey today for a story tomorrow.

Create a family time capsule to preserve your memories

Why you should start saving your memories on Klokbox

Why Create Your Family Time Capsule?

  1. Keeping Memories Safe. Time capsules serve as a tangible repository of memories, capturing the essence of a particular moment in time. Make a time capsule for your child and provide them with a personal connection to their past, offering a glimpse into their own growth and development. Imagine the joy and nostalgia they will experience as they uncover their time capsule years or even decades later.
  2. Encouraging Reflection and Appreciation. As your child grows older, they will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the passage of time. The act of opening up a time capsule can spark self-reflection, allowing them to compare their past hopes, dreams, and aspirations with their present reality. It’s a chance for them to recognize their personal growth and reflect on the lessons learned along the way.
  3. Fostering Family Bonds. Creating a time capsule can be a collaborative and bonding experience for the entire family if you choose to make a group memory box. Everyone can contribute something meaningful, whether it’s voice messages, family photos, videos, or even Google Docs. It’s an opportunity for family members to express their love, share their stories, and connect on a deeper level.
Create a family time capsule to preserve your memories

Create a family time capsule to preserve your memories

How to Create a Time Capsule for Your Child

  • Choose a Klokmate. Firstly, decide who you want to create a memory box for, don’t worry you can create numerous so we’re not choosing favourites. The box should be titled with their name and their phone number if they have one, if not it can be added later or not at all.
  • Select Meaningful Items. Decide which items to include in the time capsule. You can take a trip down memory lane and carefully select from your camera roll what photos to include. Alternatively, you can take photos in real-time and capture the magic as it unfolds right behind the lens…always have your Klokbox app at the ready, kids are unpredictable.
  • Document The Events. Include a written or audible description along with your photos and videos. Whether it’s as short as the date or a long heartfelt message, it will provide context for the receiver. This little message will add a personal touch to the final collection.
  • Klok It. Make sure to save all of your items so that not a memory goes by unkloked. This way your child will have everything from major life events to family outings to reflect on. And it’s for you too, you can also flick through your time capsules whenever you feel nostalgic…
  • Determine the Opening Date. Decide on a specific date or occasion when the time capsule will be opened. It could be a milestone birthday, graduation, or any significant event in your child’s life. Click on ‘set reveal date’ and log it in the calendar. This date can always be changed or if you don’t want to keep it hidden away, click ‘Reveal Now’.
How To Create A Family Time Capsule on Klokbox

How To Create A Family Time Capsule on Klokbox

Creating a time capsule for your child is a labour of love, a way to encapsulate their childhood memories and offer them a glimpse into their own past. It’s a gift that will deepen their connection to their roots and be grateful for their journey so far. Life is fleeting, don’t waste another moment…Klok It before it’s too late…