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Why You Should Create A Time Capsule If You Want To Live Forever

If you want to live forever, you need a time capsule. That’s right—a time capsule to store all your memories and experiences in one place so that they can be accessed whenever you want not just by you but also by your loved ones for generations to come. How great would it be to have a backup of your life, just in case? But that’s not all that’s in store for you if you create a time capsule. You also get to enjoy the company of your ancestors, who will keep up with your every move and conversation! What could be more perfect?


What are Time Capsules?

By definition, a time capsule is a container storing a selection of objects chosen as being typical of the present time, buried for discovery in the future. At Klokbox, the way we see time capsules is a bit different. For us, time capsules are digital and carried with us at all times in a secure app on our phones. They can help us preserve valuable memories and experiences, important documents, and crucial life lessons. Ready to be released when you decide or if something should happen to you.

Why You Should Create A Time Capsule If You Want To Live Forever

How Do Time Capsules Work?

Life is unpredictable, what will happen to your loved one after you are gone? How can you protect your kids when you are no longer here? What if… what if you could still be present in their lives and guide them from the great beyond? Encourage them through tough times, console them through breakups, support and guide them when they have their first child.

That’s why you should create digital time capsules for everyone you care about in your life. Be present in their lives forever by releasing time capsules for their birthdays, graduation, wedding, or when they just miss you.

Sign up on Klokbox and create time capsules for your kids, partners, and family members. Then start kloking your memories and stories, and record audio and video messages for them so they miss you a little less. You can release them in life in like 10 years or appoint a keyholder who’s going to make sure your kloks are seen by your loved ones at the right moment using our secure releasing technology.

What are the Benefits of Creating Time Capsules?

There are many benefits to creating time capsules, including saving important memories, helping to prevent loss of information, and helping people understand why it might be important for them to keep their history alive. Some benefits include:

  • Storing important documents and photos. When you create a time capsule, you may want to choose an area that is especially sensitive to protect your documents and photos from being lost or damaged in the future. For example, if you have pictures of your family members, you may choose to put them into a digital capsule. Saved forever and released when needed most.
  • Keeping records of important events. The importance of keeping historical records can never be overemphasized! Time capsules can help to prevent loss of information by ensuring that important information is never forgotten.
  • Helping people learn about their ancestors. Time capsules can help to help people understand why it might be important to keep their history alive. How cool would be if you had a video or audio recording of your great-grandparents, listen to their stories and learn about your family history? Well, you can do that for your great-grandkids. Help them learn who you really are, tell naughty stories about your kids, share your wisdom, and just be you.
  • Keeping track of important family photos. Nowadays everything is digitized and kept on phones but what if you lose your phone or drop it in the water? Does that mean you’ll love your photos forever? No! Add all your valuable information and precious photos to digital time capsules. Not only store them on a secure server but also add a story to it, your great-grandkids will appreciate it.
Klokbox - love in a box. Protect your family

Klokbox – love in a box. Protect your family

Digital Time Capsule: Let’s Show the Future Our Past

Looking back at the past can be fun, but it can also be a time capsule of what’s to come. Let’s use Klokbox to show our future generations the past by saving memories and photos in a digital time capsule. Klokbox is a digital time capsule app that preserves memories, stories, photos, and documents forever. Klokbox is easy to use and it’s perfect for keeping memories of special occasions, such as weddings or birthdays. You can keep all of your memories in one place and access them anytime you want. Klokbox is also a great way to keep your data safe, you can store your capsules safe and private on Klokbox, and you can share them with anyone you want.


How to Create a Digital Time Capsule on Klokbox?

Klokbox is a great way to store and share memories online. With Klokbox, you can easily create and manage time capsules with just a few clicks. You can also store photos, videos, and other memories in your Klokbox time capsules. This way, you can keep track of milestones and enjoy amazing experiences together with your loved ones!

Klokbox for Kids

Klokbox for Kids

Time Capsule Ideas For Kids

Making a time capsule is a fun activity for kids, and can be done with just a few simple supplies. To make a time capsule, start by signing up on Klokbox. You can start kloking photos, letters, postcards, and other small mementoes. When choosing items, try to pick things that will give future generations a good idea of what life was like during the time the capsule was made. Time capsules can be opened after just a few years, or they can be kept sealed for decades or even centuries.

If you’re looking for ideas for what to put in your time capsule, here are some suggestions:

  • Photos of family, friends, and pets
  • A letter to future self
  • Photos of your kids when they were young
  • Notes and stories from you
  • An archive of their childhood memories
  • A record of their life
  • Memories of them playing together
  • Stories about interests and hobbies
  • Their accomplishments
  • Audio and video recording from you
Be Loved For Eternity on Klokbox

Be Loved For Eternity on Klokbox

Preserve Your Memories Forever by Creating a Family Time Capsule

By making a family time capsule, you can preserve memories for your descendants to enjoy. To create a family time capsule, gather items that are significant to your family and put them on Klokbox. Be sure to add your stories and ideas by writing something to everything you add on Klokbox and store everything securely and safely on our servers.

Family time capsules can be a fun way to remember your loved ones and keep important memories together. Don’t wait any longer – create your own today here!


Keep your Time Capsules Safe on the Most Secure App

One of the best ways to keep your time capsule safe is by using the most secure app available, such as Klokbox. This way, no one else can access it or damage it in any way. Your memories and data are saved on a secure cloud, only you can access it due to our high-security standards and you share only the things you want to share. Try it out now!


Time capsules are a great way to remember important moments and keep them close to your heart. By creating a digital time capsule, you can store memories and experiences with friends and family. Additionally, the benefits of creating a time capsule include increased security and easier access to your memories. If you’re ready to start storing memories sign up on Klokbox now!

Why You Should Create A Time Capsule If You Want To Live Forever

Why You Should Create A Time Capsule If You Want To Live Forever