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What do you want your kids to remember about you? Find out the right questions to ask them and you’ll be able to enjoy your kids’ future with more clarity. For thousands of years, parents have looked back on their children with fondness and trepidation. Preserve memories forever with Klokbox time capsules. Simply add individualised messages and photos for them to cherish forever!

The idea is simple but powerful: look back at how much fun you had when you were young (and now) and think about how much fun other people had too. If you want your kids to enjoy being teenagers like everyone else does, then you should really be thinking about making these memories as special as possible. Remembering those good times will make your life and your kids’ lives more enjoyable in the future too!

kids memories

kids memories

1. Capture Precious Memories with Grandparents

Grandparents are a special part of our lives. They often have so much wisdom and experience to share, and they can be a great source of comfort and support. Why not create a time capsule together as a way to capture and preserve your precious memories? You’ll be glad you did!

So what are some things you might do? You could keep photos of your kids when they were little, but that can seem like an obvious thing to do. What about photos that you took as a child? Or photos were taken after your kids have left the nest? Or photos you took as a parent?

These aren’t just simple photo albums, either; they should have meanings and stories attached to them. For example:
  • A book of baby pictures from when your kids were little.
  • A family portrait from when you were young.
  • A family portrait from when your kids were young and growing up.
  • A wedding photo from before and after the wedding.
  • A family vacation photo from before and after the vacation.

If these pictures had meaning attached, then perhaps it would be worth doing all this work for an adult version that also has meaning, too.

Of course, if these memories aren’t meaningful to you — or if you don’t want to give them meaning — there are ways around this (or ways to reinforce them).

2. Keep Pregnancy & Baby Scrapbooks

If you’re a parent and wish your kids could see some of the stuff of your life, then you have a great deal of work to do. Here are just a few suggestions that I have found to help me preserve memories (and I haven’t even gotten to naming them yet):

  • Bring items people already love and store them in albums.
  • Keep an album with only photos of things I want to remember
  • Keep anything that makes me laugh or smile, or brings back fond memories from my childhood (such as my first bike). These memories will be there for the rest of their lives, whether they are aware of them or not.
  • Take pictures of yourself when you are pregnant and/or breastfeeding your child.
Kids Memories

Kids Memories

3. Take Interesting Photos of Your Kids

We’ve all heard the common cliché that “I wish I had taken more photos of my kids.” But many people don’t even try to do it, out of a sense of embarrassment. Taking pictures is a valuable skill and a necessary one for the life of any parent. While you may not be able to get perfect shots of your kid at every moment, you should never stop trying.

If you find yourself taking pictures and thinking “I wish I could take better photos,” consider this: you won’t be able to take better photos than others in the future. You will always have better photos from your own perspective than others — and if you want to preserve all those precious memories, making sure your kids look as good as possible will help preserve them for all time.

Here are just a few ways to help: 

  • Take note of favourable lighting. If there is an interesting-looking object in the background or on the left or right side of something else, make sure that part of your photo gets captured first (to avoid jiggling).
  • Find something that catches their attention; don’t just leave them staring at something they aren’t interested in.
  • If they are playing outside somewhere – take it! It doesn’t have to be like a favourite movie set…even your living room can look great if you know what to look for…especially when other things are going on around them (like the kitchen sink!).
  • Don’t forget the details – whether picking up their toys or putting away their coats, keep it simple so they can remember what they did…and where they went!
  • Try taking their picture while you’re having coffee together; try to catch these moments because they certainly seem more precious than photos taken when you’re doing nothing but talking about work!

The above suggestions are only a small sample selection of how parents can save some amazing memories with their children. It’s important to realize that no matter how much we may think we know our kids, there will always be new things we need to learn about them…and how those things might look from our perspective later on (after all, we shouldn’t live in fear of seeing things from our kids’ perspectives).

4. Records Audio and Video Messages of Your Kids and for Your Kids

Stories are a powerful way of remembering and storing memories. Some people like to tell stories about their lives, others prefer to tell them through written words, and still others, like me, prefer the audio & video format. For me, the best way of remembering is by listening to them long-term over time (like with an audiobook).

The main problem with writing down your memories is that one day you will no longer be around to hear them and all that wonderful memorized information will be lost forever! So why take care of your children in this way? Well, who wouldn’t want their children to spend as much time as possible with them?

What exactly would they learn from you during that time? It could be something useful – things like how to stay healthy; how you care for your body; how much you enjoy reading; how much fun your career has been; even the fact that you have survived cancer (or whatever) without losing any of your sense of humor (or at least without missing it). Every minute spent with a child is precious – don’t waste it being unproductive!

5. Preserve Memories – Digitize Old Photos

Technology changes and we should keep up as well. Digitize your old photos and videos and upload them to Klokbox for safe and secure storage for eternity, shared at the right time with your loved ones.

We all understand that anything can happen and that we can lose our precious memories if we don’t digitize them, if we don’t back them up or if we don’t protect them properly. But none of us wants to dedicate time to deal with that. That’s why Klokbox made it easy for you to store your exciting memories and continue storing the ones that you keep on creating. Download Klokbox now to save your memories, save your legacy, and securely pass it on to future generations.

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6. Save Your Kids’ Artwork and Creations

Looking at your kids’ artwork feels like travelling in time without a time machine, at least that’s how I feel when I open my kids’ art album. I encourage everyone to create a beautiful art album where you can capture your kids’ creativity

7. Encourage Them to Keep a Journal

Well, the internet is full of resources for keeping a journal and keeping records of the things that happen to you. The most obvious one I have found is to encourage your kids to sign up for a blog or website that keeps track of their life.

8. Keep on Kloking

Sure, it’s easy enough to make a copy of a photo or document and email it to someone else. But what if you want to preserve something forever? The Klokbox app allows you to keep photos, documents, and even other types of information on an unlimited number of devices. Once stored on the device, they are available from the cloud or your iOS or Android device at any time.

I think it’s important that we learn how to preserve those memories so that they don’t fade away with time. Saving precious kids memories – how can we make sure that we don’t forget our ever-changing lives? Start kloking it, download Klokbox here.

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