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The world values money, assets, and toys — we insist on accumulating to impress others (who mostly don’t actually give a damn) and in fact, it places a lot of emphasis on financial achievement generally.

There are no pockets in a shroud.

What I Have Learned In Life

Don’t get me wrong, there is little wrong with money per se. We all love the stuff and it certainly is preferable to a life with no money at all, but if we are so consumed with money and the power it gives us then it’s a sad existence we weave.

Financial success is overstated and you forget how important people are in the middle of all this crazy accumulation, re-evaluate your life, klok some memories, emotions, sentiments, and perhaps a little life advice.

Treat everyone with love and respect — even your “enemies.” Treat the janitor the same way you would treat the president of the company you work for. Realize that everyone really just wants to be loved, accepted, and affirmed. It’s pretty simple. So live by the “Golden Rule”.

Do unto others as you would have done unto you.

Klokbox – Putting People First

It’s a great way to store and share memories online. With Klokbox, you can easily create and manage time capsules with just a few clicks. You can also store photos, videos, and other memories in your Klokbox time capsules. This way, you can keep track of milestones and enjoy amazing experiences together with your loved ones!

By making a family time capsule, you can preserve memories for your descendants to enjoy. To create a family time capsule, gather items that are significant to your family and put them on Klokbox. Be sure to add your stories and ideas by writing something to everything you add on Klokbox and store everything securely and safely on our servers.

Family time capsules can be a fun way to remember your loved ones and keep important memories together. Don’t wait any longer – create your own today here!

Putting People First – Legacy Plan For Future Generations