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16 Family Christmas Photo Ideas – The Best Way to Capture Holiday Memories. If you love Christmas, then you probably love looking at pictures from past Christmases. Memories are priceless and it’s fun to look back on the family photos and reminisce about everything that happened during the holiday season. If you want to make sure that your family has some great photos this year, check out these 16 family Christmas photo ideas for some inspiration!

1. Get Festive With Props

There are so many ways you can make your family Christmas pictures extra festive. Bring out the old decorations or put up some new ones. Get a good camera and use natural light. Have fun with it! Create a winter wonderland scene by putting a white sheet on the ground and scattering pine cones, sticks, and red berries around the sheet. Put your family in front of it and then have them step away from it. Use tree branches to create a frame around the scene as well as some string lights for added effect! Christmas lights are a must.

2. Embrace the Awkwardness

Families are awkward. There’s no denying it. But there are a few ways you can embrace the awkwardness and create some fantastic Christmas family photos.

  • Have your family members write what they want for Christmas on a sticky note and then attach it to their back with masking tape or a bobby pin.
  • Take pictures of each member as they open their presents under the tree, with their gift in the foreground.
  • Frame your favourite family photo with wrapping paper and ribbons for that extra holiday touch.

3. Include Your Pets

Have your pets photobomb the family Christmas photoshoot! Don’t forget to include them in the holiday photo shoots. With so many pets available for adoption, now is a great time for people who have wanted a pet but didn’t want one right away, or people who wanted one but couldn’t afford it. Pets make excellent companions and are great stress relievers too! If you don’t have a pet, borrow someone else’s so that they can be in the family Christmas photo too! A Santa hat will look awesome on them, you can match your pyjamas with your pet’s one. Also, get some of your favourite holiday decorations and place them in front of your family Christmas tree before taking the picture. This will add a more festive vibe!

4. Let Kids Be Kids

Christmas is a time for family, and it’s nice to capture the memories of those long days. If you’re looking for some family Christmas photo ideas, here are 16 that will help you get a variety of shots. Dress up for the Christmas photo shoot on Christmas morning! Whether your kids want to dress like a reindeer or Santa Claus, let them have fun with it. They’ll love the chance and feel like they’re really in the holiday spirit and gather everyone together in front of the Christmas tree!

16 Family Christmas Photo Ideas - The Best Way to Capture Holiday Memories

16 Family Christmas Photo Ideas – Capture Holiday Memories. Source Pinterest

5. Get Close

Every family has its own traditions during the holidays. One tradition that’s common for families is taking pictures and enjoying time together. These are just a few classic Christmas family picture ideas so you can capture memories with your loved ones this season, that will be great if this is your first Christmas together!

  • Hang a string of lights in a tree outside or inside and pose together in front of it. Wrap up warm and get cosy!
  • Dress as Santa and Mrs Claus, or simply dress in red, white, green, and gold! Get the kids involved by asking them what they want for Christmas too. These photos will be cherished for years to come!
  • Make festive cookies or pies and have everyone take turns adding the finishing touches before snacking on them together.
  • Capture your entire family decorating the Christmas tree.
  • Create a time capsule with all your beautiful Christmas memories to cherish for it to come. Start typing something here and try it out yourself:

6. Consider the Background

What is your favourite part of the holidays? For some, it’s the time spent with family. Others love watching their children’s eyes light up when they see Santa or their favourite toy. Every family has its own traditions, and there are so many ways to capture those moments and make them last forever.

7. Don’t Forget About Grandmas and grandpas

It’s always a great idea to get the whole family together for some holiday photos, but don’t forget about that special couple in the family. While many of us have created our own traditions with our parents and siblings, it’s just as important to capture memories with our parents as well. Give them a call or send them a card this year with some festive cheer.

8. Timeless Black and White Photos

When it comes to family Christmas photoshoot ideas, there’s nothing better than black and white. This timeless method of photography captures those candid moments that are unrivalled in colour. If you’re struggling with an idea for your holiday photo this year, these ideas will help you capture the most cherished memories on film. What’s your favourite?

16 Family Christmas Photo Ideas - The Best Way to Capture Holiday Memories

9. Coordinate Your Outfits

Here are some of my top family photo ideas for 2024 to have the best Christmas in matching outfits:

  • Wear colours that are associated with the season – Red, green, blue, and gold are all appropriate colours for wintertime outfits
  • Make a family group photo of everyone wearing sweaters or other warm clothes.
  • Dress as elves and take a Santa photo
  • Dress up as different holiday characters like Santa Claus, Mrs Claus, Rudolf the Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman
  • Take a photo of your family wearing matching Christmas PJs
  • Choose a setting that is perfect for the holidays like at home in front of the fireplace
  • Dress up in festive clothes and walk through town looking at all of the decorations
  • Get some snow onto your heads by going outside and then snapping a picture

10. Use Nature as Your Backdrop

Bring your family and friends together for a happy family Christmas this year by taking pictures in the great outdoors. You’ll be able to capture beautiful images of snow-covered trees, pine needles, and frosted bushes while enjoying your time with loved ones. Plus, when you’re done taking pictures, there’s always an excuse to go outside and play in the snow! These are the perfect family Christmas photo shoot ideas because they are free!

  • Set up a backdrop on the ground by placing a blanket under a tree or bush. This will make it easy for you to get everyone in the picture without having them all clustered around one spot too closely.
  • Create a makeshift frame using branches or rocks that surround where you want people to stand during their photo shoot.
  • Wait for it… wait for it… then take your picture!

11. Document a Tradition

Every year, we get together for a big family Christmas party. We love taking silly pictures and getting all dressed up for the occasion. Once everyone is fed, we get out our cameras and start with the group shots. We line everyone up on one side of the yard and start snapping pictures as quickly as possible while they are laughing and enjoying themselves. Then, we take individual pictures with each person in turn so that they can each have their own special memories of the day. The picture-taking usually goes pretty smoothly because most people are too busy having fun to notice that their photo shoot is going on in front of them.

12. Focus on Fun

From traditional portraits to silly shots and goofy faces, a professional family photoshoot will help you get the perfect shot of your family this year. Then you can turn your fun into a Christmas card picture to share with your loved ones.

16 Family Christmas Photo Ideas - Capture Holiday Memories

16 Family Christmas Photo Ideas – Capture Holiday Memories. Source

13. Tell a Story

Christmas is such a magical time of year, but it can also be so hard to take the perfect picture! Overwhelmed with all the pressure and expectations, I found myself stressed out. That was until my husband asked me what our favourite family Christmas memory was and I realized that these photos don’t have to be perfect. They just need to capture the love we share this holiday season. A few years ago, we had an amazing family Christmas party where all of our friends and family members were in attendance.

Cool and imaginative Christmas photo ideas for families

14. Be Spontaneous

For great family Christmas photo ideas, be spontaneous! Try something new and unexpected for a fun and memorable holiday shoot. Who knows, you might just come up with the perfect Christmas card this year! When posing, sometimes we can look stiff but if you want to get perfect Christmas picture ideas, be spontaneous, be crazy.

15. Go Candid This Christmas

Family Christmas is the time of year for candid family photos. It’s when we all come together, from near and far, to celebrate the holiday season. There are so many ways you can go about capturing these memories. Here are a few ideas:

  • Frame your family in front of a fireplace during dinner time. Get your shots in before that big dessert course!
  • Find a spot by an open window with snow outside. This is one of my favourites because it takes on such a dreamy quality and feels like everyone’s bundled up inside while looking out at the winter wonderland around them.
  • If you want to get really creative, head outdoors with a blanket and some mistletoe!
funny Christmas photo ideas with kids

16 Family Christmas Photo Ideas – Capture Holiday Memories. Source Pinterest

16. Get Everyone In On The Action

The holidays are a perfect time for making memories and capturing those moments in funny family Christmas photos. You can mix it up with the kids, get your pet involved, or even create something new!

  • Dress up as Santa and Mrs Claus
  • Put up the Christmas decoration
  • Hang stockings by the fireplace
  • Decorate gingerbread houses together
  • Deck the halls with garland and lights around your doorways
  • Go out to a Christmas tree farm to pick out your own tree together

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Whether you’re looking for a way to get together as a family or want to show off your favourite Christmas traditions, there are so many ways to capture those memories. Use these ideas to have an easy time planning and make sure you’re ready for any occasion! Don’t forget to add all your favourite photos to your private time capsule. Start your time capsule here:

16 Family Christmas Photo Ideas - The Best Way to Capture Holiday Memories