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What are the best emotional Christmas gift ideas that you can gift your family this holiday season? Most of the time, the best gifts are free but thoughtful. We are not going to focus too much on the items you can buy but on the thoughts and ideas, you put behind that gift. This list is not just for the holiday season, but for anything birthday, just gift ideas for any part of life. Here are the best Christmas gifts ideas for 2022 that are unique, thoughtful, and emotional.

Favourite Memories in a Time Capsule

Time capsules can be the perfect gift for everyone. Moms and wives might find another kitchen robot useful but it’s pretty banal and boring. How many years in a row can you get away with that? Why not try something different and emotional this year? Why not put all your favourite memories in a time capsule and release them this Christmas? It can be a video collage, a photo collage, or an audio message that your loved ones will have forever. The best part? It’s free! Start typing your message down below to create your first klok (aka memory) and put it in a time capsule on Klokbox. It’s easy, unique, and thoughtful.

Family Recipies

Family secret recipe book passed down through generations. This doesn’t need to be this beautifully bound thing that you send off to get bound and order and pay for this can be as simple as printing or typing up your favourite recipes that you make at your own house putting them in maybe a binder. You have laying around the house or in a folder and give that to someone in your life that you know would love it.

My mom actually did this for me and all of my siblings. A few years ago, she made a little cover page and typed up all of her favourite recipes that we remembered growing up with. Ones that we’ve loved over the years three holes, punched them and stuck them in a binder, and the best part about the gift. We can keep adding recipes to it. I think a year or two after she gave us those. She had more recipes to give us. So all of those were wrapped under the tree and we were able to add them to our binder that she gave us years before. It is one of my prized possessions and it’s one of those things that didn’t cost her very much money at all.

Secret family recipe book

Book Exchange & Recommendations

Another great and unique gift idea is a book exchange. So this can kind of look two different ways. It could be that if you have a book that you’ve read that’s in decent condition that you know of someone in your life, that would like the book too. You could write a little note on the inside, wrap it and give it to them and explain that that was a book that you loved and you really thought they would love too. It doesn’t cost you anything. You already own the book, but it’s a way to show that you are thinking of someone and you have an idea of what they’re interested in and that they might like that book too.

You could also do a book exchange with your family and friends by asking them to bring one of the books that you’ve already read, wrap it up in tissue paper or brown paper packaging (this will make it more special) then all parties can trade stories as they enjoy their new acquisitions! If someone were to tell you, I was thinking about you when I finished this book and I think you would like it. That means something right?

Family tree on Klokbox

Create your Family Tree on Klokbox

Family Tree

You can make a family tree for your own or someone else’s. It could be as simple and basic as the people you live with most often, but I think that everyone has some interest in their ancestors’ pasts- even if it is just to see where they came from! This would mean so much more than any other photo hanging around our homes; this will always remind us of all those wonderful stories about how far we’ve come since then. 

With Klokbox it couldn’t be easier to add all your relatives to a family tree that is interactive, detailed, and shareable. You can invite your family to collaborate and add their memories and stories of those who are no longer with us. Try it out here. 

Heartfelt Video

You could edit a video for someone, so even if you’re new to the process of editing videos virtually every computer has some type of free video-editing software and most can be very easily used. To create your own short film from scratch using just photos or filmed footage – all it takes is dragging in individual clips on their phone which they’ll get delivered immediately via email with links attached at no extra charge!

Even if it’s only a few clips you could put some music with them, too! If you had plenty of photos from something (like an event), then send over the link so they can enjoy their memories. You’re going to make this person feel really special by taking time for him or her when most people won’t bother doing anything like that anymore. That would make me cry. 

Do you know what’s even better? Adding that video to a time capsule and releasing it on Christmas day. This will really make them feel special.

girl and boy reading book sitting between man and woman beside Christmas tree

Homebaked Cookies + The Recipe

What I always wish when I received cookies is you know if I eat it and I’m like whoa this cookie’s so good. I wish I had the recipe. I think it would be cool to either print out or type out or even write on a recipe card. So then, if they love it, they can also have that recipe to add to their collection.

Time To Do What They Love

Life can be overwhelming for busy mums and it’s important to take care of them. Give your loved one space in their day so they have time to do what makes them happy, whether that is taking a bath or getting some retail therapy! Or maybe they need just alone time in from of the TV to relax. Whatever it is, take care of some of the choirs so your loved one could have time to do what they love and enjoy.

happy memories

Bring an Old Memory Back To Life

Being able to share special moments with our loved ones is one of life’s greatest joys. Maybe you can’t bring them back, but maybe this will help remind yourself and others what they were like when they were young. You might start by finding an old decoration or two from your childhood Christmas tree. Then setting up a similar scene in your living room so that every year at Christmas time. There’ll be some good smells wafting through the air towards where everyone sits down together for dinner around those same dishes eaten decades ago, and talk about how much has changed since those simpler times. 

Try to be a bit inquisitive and figure out what your loved one’s favourite memory is with as many details as you can. Then recreate it and bring it to life. That’s thoughtful and very much appreciated by your family. 

What would you like to receive from your family? 

Think about what would you love to receive this holiday season and maybe that could be a great gift idea. 

What are you going to gift your family and loved ones this year? We’d love to know in the comments below. In our opinion, a time capsule is going to be the most exciting thing they’ll receive, especially when you fill it with personalised and heartfelt memories.

Free Thoughtful and Emotional Christmas Gift Ideas

Free Thoughtful and Emotional Christmas Gift Ideas