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How I Tell My Kids I Love Them! My 5 Special Ways To Show I Care

Every night, I take the chance to tell my children that I love them. I say, “Can I tell you something?” And they respond “We know,” and then I say “What then.” They reply with a lower voice, “You love us.” They giggle and I giggle, and we know it’s true because of that. It’s so true that it’s boring.

One of the most important things in a parent’s job is to make sure their children know that they are loved and cared for. Actions of love come in many forms, down below you can find my favourite ways to show my love, care and affection.

Create Your Code

My friend told me about a code word that they had growing up and it meant that they were in big trouble when they got home. Their parents would use it to send a message to the kids, but we want a code word that we can say to our kids without anyone noticing. For example, what if I burst out with “TrumpyCrumpet!” in public to let them know I love them?

Another awesome idea is to set the password for the devices they use “ILoveYouLittlePumpkin”. Easy for them to remember and they will always write that you love them.

Write It Down

A letter saying “I love you” will brighten their day. It’s unique, surprising and totally unexpected. You should have seen my kids’ faces when each got a letter in the mail with unique messages from me. They kept reading the letter over and over again. Btw, you can do that on Klokbox. Create a time capsule for each kid, set it to release on a certain date and it automatically will send them your memories, stories, love letters, life advice and scoldings.

Acts of Random Kindness

The world is somewhat run on random acts of kindness, and I think that the duty to care for our children can take some fun away. So how do you add more? Let’s be a little imaginative!

I spend time building a fort for when they get home. I’ve surprised my kids with a whole custom feeling fort for them to discover after being away from home. One of my aspirations for the future is to hold more sleepovers in natural environments – for example, in forests and on beaches.

What do your kids enjoy? What hobbies do they have? One of the strongest ways to show my love is to do them together. I teach my kids to ride horses, it’s something we all enjoy.

How I Tell My Kids I Love Them

Say “I Love You” Differently

Tell your kids you love them in ways that don’t seem cliche.

  • You are so very loved.
  • You mean the world to me.
  • My love for you will never stop.
  • No matter what, I will always love you.
  • When I look at you, my heart feels so much love.
  • I love you ever so much.
  • I loved you from the moment I saw you.
  • My love for you is SO big.
  • You are so precious to me.
  • You are my favourite five-year-old!
  • I love your insides and your outsides!
  • I love you from your toes to your nose!
  • You are a precious treasure to me.
  • I love you no matter what you do.
  • I love you more than all the stars in the sky/ sand on the beach/grass in the meadow.
  • The day you were born my heart exploded in happiness.
  • Just looking at your face makes me smile.
  • Sometimes if I’m feeling sad, just thinking about you makes me feel better.
  • I want to fly a plane with a banner saying “I LOVE MY KID!”

Create A Time Capsule

This is the ultimate way to show my 5 kids how much they mean to me. One of the many reasons why I founded Klokbox is to be able to tell all my loved ones how much they mean to me even when I’m gone. Klokbox is my secret weapon. I can create as many time capsules as I want, I personalise them and set them to release on their birthdays when I see that they need some words of encouragement and definitely when I’m gone. I want to support them all the time and through Klokbox I’ll be able to do that even from the great beyond.

When considering how to show our children that we love them, we need to deliberately be persistent. We want to raise children who know without a doubt how much their parents love them. Children should be able to list the many ways that their parents demonstrated this unconditional love for them when they are grown adults. We might get it wrong sometimes, but we should trust our emotions and love our children. Parents will want to give their children more love than everyone else would. How do you say “I love you”?

How I Tell My Kids I Love Them

How I Tell My Kids I Love Them