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Yes it is, we make it very easy for you by allowing you to list assets and distribute them individually. Everything according to your wishes. We then allow you to make decisions on things like your pets or any assets that you may forget to think about. It’s important to make decisions on what happens to your young children. You also must decide about the assets that these children will inherit in your will. These are custodian agreements. A Klokbox will also allows you to choose executors for your will. These are the people who ensure your wishes are carried out in the future. Because your will is a legal document, communicating personal wishes on your assets you must be over 18 years old (unless you’re married). 
Your will should be made without undue pressure from any other person. It also must be of sound mind at the time of signing the will. 
Finally, the will must be signed by you and witnessed by two people in your presence before uploading the signatory pages to be retained on Klokbox.

There are innumerable problems that occur when wills are either not completed or incorrectly completed. Here are just a few common issues that arise. Forgetting to list assets correctly; not making allowance for changes; forgetting to sign the will; not having the will witnessed; forgetting the revocation clauses; not storing the will safely; not dating the will; changing the will after it has been signed and dated.

To be completed correctly, your will should be signed and witnessed at the same time. The witnesses should know that your own signature is valid by witnessing your signing of the will. Beneficiaries to your will should NOT be witness to your signature. If it happens this would invalidate their right to inherit from your will.

The short answer is NO. Although modern technology has allowed for both of these signature types on many contractual obligations it is still not acceptable for wills or trusts. It’s imperative that a Will is signed in WET INK. Therefore we offer two alternative ways of doing this. You can send the will to your lawyer and sign it in their presence. Or you can print your will and arrange to have it signed and witnessed yourself.

You will be able to store your will on klokbox. Furthermore, you also be can place the will in a time capsule for the future recipient of the will (i.e. your lawyer). You can also print and store the will offline. After your will has been completed, it is important that it is signed and witnessed in order for it to be legal. 
You can now print off the entire will (for storing offline). However, a copy will be retained on Klokbox as a draft. You may choose to only show the signature pages to your witness at the time of signing. Once you sign it and have your signature witnessed you’ll need to upload the signature page to Klokbox in order to complete the process.

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