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There are lots of memories that we want to share with our children and one of the best ways to do it is to create some incredible memories with them. The problem is that our memories change so quickly and it’s hard to keep track of them all! That’s why you should start saving them when they happen. Make a habit of kloking your memories on Klokbox so you never forget them.

Keep a journal of your favourite childhood memories and then share them with your children. It will be very entertaining for both of you, and at the same time, it will teach them how valuable their memories are.

How to do that?

Sign up for Klokbox – a free time capsule app for saving what’s most valuable to you and sharing it into the future.

Once you have created your Klokbox, start kloking your memories like birthdays, weddings, vacations, childhood memories, your pregnancy, etc. The more detailed you give, the easier it will be for your kids to enjoy them.

Childhood memories are some of the most cherished and memorable moments in our lives!

Childhood memories are some of the most powerful tools we have for creating a new and improved version of ourselves.

A child’s perspective on life is more like a fresh breeze, sweeping away dust and trash to reveal the wonders hidden beneath. The way a child goes about understanding how things work can be amazing. Understanding how things work is actually very similar to understanding how we think, which makes it important to help your children understand how their brain works.

How To Make Childhood Memories With Your Kids That Will Be Remembered For A Lifetime?

How To Make Childhood Memories With Your Kids That Will Be Remembered For A Lifetime?

Why Childhood Memories Are So Cherished? 

Memories of your childhood shape who you are and make it possible for the person that emerged from those experiences to become who they are today. The events in our lives might not be all great, but they serve as preparation for what would come next. We learn how important resilience can be through experiencing setbacks early on, a lesson no one should ever have too many opportunities to teach them!

When I was a child, I loved spending time with my grandparents. Every weekend, we would drive out to their house and spend the day playing games, telling stories, and eating homemade food. I have so many memories from those days that I cherish dearly. One of my favourites is when we would go on walks around their neighbourhood. My grandfather would always take his time walking, while my grandmother and I would run ahead and explore everything we could find. We would find leaves, bugs, flowers – anything we could get our hands on! Those childhood memories are some of the most precious moments in my life. They remind me of how much fun it was to just be a kid and explore the world around me.

It isn’t necessary to seek crazy experiences to make childhood memories last a lifetime, the little things count and they are some of the most valuable moments our kids will remember.

How To Make Childhood Memories With Your Kids That Will Be Remembered For A Lifetime?

How To Make Childhood Memories With Your Kids That Will Be Remembered For A Lifetime?

Small things that lead to a great impact

Your children can be your greatest source of inspiration. They are the ones that remind you of what life was like before you became a parent. You can use this chance to create memories with your children. You can tell them stories from the past, or ask them questions that most adults probably never thought about. But there are other ways to get your kids thinking about their childhood memories.

Some parents create a book for their children and make them write down stories of their daydreams. As well as their favourite moments from their childhood. Other parents use a story journal where they record everything they do with their children every day. Nowadays we can do that with that little device everyone carries in their pocket. With Klokbox it couldn’t be easier to document our lives and our kids’ lives. Add your childhood memories, stories, teachings, and important things you want your kids to know. Tell them about their grandparents and great-grandparents!

A few ways to get your children talking about their childhood memories

Tell them stories from the past. This will help them remember things you did with them as a child and it will help build strong memories with you as an adult. If you have time, take photos of everything they do every day while they are at home and later show it to each other, thus strengthening young memories of those events. Even if it’s just being together at home, having photos makes it easier for kids to remember these events later on in life, so try this now! You can also use pictures from picture albums when creating these things in case the kids start missing stuff and want to get back into old photo albums again!

Ask your kids questions that aren’t really easy for adults to answer (e.g., play games). This will help them form stronger memories with you and strengthen those long-lasting ties between two people when the younger generation grows up. Ask your children how old they think you are now and how much time is left until they turn 30 (this is very important!!!) – this will be very helpful in making future comparisons between mother and father!

Embrace The Nature!

Go hiking or some other outdoor activity together every now and then – I personally love going skydiving but I don’t want my kids doing this just yet… I have promised myself not to let my kids go skydiving because I have no idea how safe it is – but I definitely want them to get used to more adventurous activities like hiking, running outside somewhere by themselves, etc.!

When practising math problems together, ask questions like “Can we find 3+4?” or “What number does this sum of digits represent?” This will definitely help reinforce math skills in front of kids

Childhood memories are a great way to reflect on our memories

If you are looking to create memories with your children, you need to start them young. Do you remember a time when you were a kid and your parents didn’t want to go out for a long time? Perhaps it was because you were too young? Maybe they just wanted to spend more time with their family.

Maybe your parents would have been happy if they knew that instead of spending all their time at the mall, they could take some quality time out of the day to go somewhere else and do something together. For the most part, kids today don’t have that option. They can’t just do whatever they want without having to think about where and when. But there are some things that can make all the difference in how well your children use their free time when it comes to creating memories with their family!

Klokbox Memory Boxes

Klokbox Memory Boxes

One of the best ways for kids to create memories is by drawing or painting together.

Kids may be able to draw or paint by themselves but they may not want to because they want someone else there with them. So instead of giving in and letting them do something on their own, why not make it fun by bringing them along while they are painting? A great way for kids to get involved in making art is through an art excursion! If you decide to take them on an art excursion with you then prepare yourself for some adventure! The first thing you need is a willing partner so that you can have lots of fun together! You will also need lots of supplies including paints, paper, crayons, pencils, and other supplies which are available at any art supply store. I know what I would do if I got stuck without supplies – I would definitely stay home from school!

The next step is getting your child into the mood for this exciting experience by telling them what will happen when things start going wrong. For example: “You’ve been drawing all morning but now we need one last stroke.” Then have a good laugh and show your child how his/her artwork will look once everything has gone wrong. For example: “Look Dad, we’re halfway through our trip and everything’s messed up.” When it comes down to it, we all had childhood memories where we were completely immersed in something that made us feel like we literally were living in another world!

How To Make Childhood Memories With Your Kids That Will Be Remembered For A Lifetime?

How To Make Childhood Memories With Your Kids That Will Be Remembered For A Lifetime?

Memories are one of the most important things you can create with your children

We all have our ideas about how to pass on our loved ones’ stories to our grandchildren, but it seems that there is no one definitive way. I recently went through some of my family pictures… And one thing that struck me was how many people had messed up with where their kids ended up instead of where they started. I don’t mean to imply that everyone forgot where their children were before taking a picture, but rather that it would be better if people didn’t try to make memories with them in different places than where they actually were.

Spend more time with your kids and create memories to develop a parental bond that will last a lifetime

Creating memories is about much more than just talking about it, though. The best memories are those that come from time spent with your kids. You should always be trying to create them with your kids — even if you are not planning to spend any time with them every day.

  • Mealtime traditions. My favourite childhood memories involve playing around the kitchen space after school. Then putting on our aprons (which always smelled like burnt toast), and helping mom and grandma to put together the dinner. Create a special tradition with your kids, whether that’s tacos on Fridays, setting the table together, or cleaning together.
  • Take quiet moments to sit together to ask each other about the day. Talk about what they did today or what they want to do tomorrow. Ask them questions like “What were you doing today?” or “What’s on your mind right now?” Most importantly though (and more than just asking them). Ask them what they want you to think about — matters that matter deeply; issues that matter to both of you now and in the future. And you can even ask them about their biggest worries or fears; at least this much they should know.
  • Family camp. While it is undeniably a great way to pass time, vacations can also have a profound effect on your relationships with your kids. Camping with your family, away from computers and TVs is a wonderful way to connect and talk to your kids.
  • Baking or cooking. Kids and adults alike can’t get enough of cooking. My junior high school days were spent helping my grandmother make pineapple tarts. But now I hold the fond memories associated with more practical training: playing around in our kitchen while making play-dough sets.
And my favourites:
  • Special time for each child. Kids want to spend as much time with their parents as possible. Make sure your kids have individual attention from you; ask about what is going on in their life today, and perhaps even offer some advice if needed!
  • Memory Strings. Children should have a place where they can put pictures and objects that mean something to them. It might be their favourite toy or an inspirational quote from someone important in their life; it’s up to each child! Have them organize this space into their own little scrapbook or klok it on Klokbox.
  • Time Capsules aka Kloking. Kids are so creative and they love putting together little scrapbooks, drawing, or creating something unique from whatever they found around the house. Unfortunately, you can’t save those drawing for an extended period or keep those creations forever. That’s why it’s a great idea to digitize those drawings and art projects and keep them online on a secure platform like Klokbox. Start kloking every time your kids create something new, come home from work with a new masterpiece, and every time you spend time together. They are going to have those memories forever saved in their time capsules.

Create your time capsules today with Klokbox and save your kids’ memories forever!

How To Make Childhood Memories With Your Kids That Will Be Remembered For A Lifetime?

How To Make Childhood Memories With Your Kids That Will Be Remembered For A Lifetime?