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Overview of 1 Second Everyday App (1SE)

The 1 Second Everyday (1SE) app is a unique tool for capturing life one second at a time. Developed by Cesar Kuriyama, it lets users record a second of video each day, creating a continuous film diary or memento. Inspired by his own desire to focus on personal projects and memories, Kuriyama turned his experience into an app for others.

Available on both the App Store and Google Play, the 1 Second Everyday App (1SE) is a revolutionary tool to cherish daily life. Conceived by a visionary founder who resolved to document every single day from turning 30 to reaching 80.

1SE simplifies the process of recording one second of video daily. This free app allows users to create a daily video compilation, add music, and manage vertical videos by rotating and framing directly within the app’s settings.

Contrary to common belief, 1SE makes compiling video clips into a meaningful narrative effortless. Its free-to-use model has resonated with users across the Play Store and App Store alike.

1 second everyday app

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History and vision:

The 1 Second Everyday App (1SE) began with the founder’s personal commitment to capture day-to-day life. “I’ve recorded 1 second video every day for over 6 years,” he said, highlighting his dedication.

His steadfast commitment, fueled by the philosophy of “don’t worry, thought I’d never keep up,” led to an uninterrupted digital diary. He’s striving to have a 5-hour video at 80, representing half a century of experiences.

1SE aims to make daily video documentation accessible to everyone. By capturing a 1-second snippet each day, users create a mosaic of their lives.

Each day is accounted for and cherished, reflecting the app’s commitment to helping users preserve their memories.

Core features:

1SE has evolved since its inception, incorporating several core features to enhance the user experience:

  • Video Recording or Selection. Users can either record their video directly in the app or select one-second portions from their existing video library.

  • Reminders. To ensure users remember to capture their 1 second every day, the app allows setting custom reminders.

  • Multiple Timelines. Users can maintain multiple timelines for different projects or themes.

  • Social Media Integration. The app offers the capability to post snippets directly onto social networks.

  • Calendar Interface. A calendar view shows which days have recorded snippets and which are still available to fill in.

  • Super Seconds. Initially restricted to one second, the app now allows recording a bit more per clip. It has the option to capture up to one and a half seconds per clip for free users and up to 10 seconds per day for Pro subscribers.

  • Journaling Feature. Besides video snippets, users can add notes or journal entries to each clip. Therefore enriching the context and memories associated with each second.

  • Mash Feature. This feature compiles all recorded clips into a single video montage, which can be shared or kept private as a personal collection of memories.

Its intuitive design and regular updates enhance user experience. This makes 1SE a valuable tool for anyone seeking to document life innovatively and concisely.

1 second everyday. 1SE

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Unique selling points:

1 Second Everyday (1SE) offers unique features that set it apart in the crowded app marketplace. These features are designed to foster regular engagement and create a deeply personal digital keepsake.

  1. Daily Video Diary. Capture one second of video every day to create a continuous film diary, remembering life one day at a time.

  2. Memory Preservation and Reflection. Reflect on meaningful moments, enhancing daily life appreciation and aiding memory preservation.

  3. Super Seconds. Capture more than one second, enhancing storytelling (up to ten seconds for Pro subscribers).

  4. Integration and Flexibility. Import videos from external sources, adding versatility to the app.

  5. Journaling Feature. Add notes or emojis to daily clips, enriching the context and emotional depth of memories.

These features cater to diverse needs, from simple life documentation to creative projects. Emphasizing simplicity, reflection, and personal growth…

1SE stands out for capturing life’s fleeting moments effectively.

Klokbox App. 21-st Century Journaling App

Overview of Klokbox

Klokbox is a digital platform for capturing, sharing, and cherishing life’s memories uniquely and genuinely.

It functions as a Digital Story Box, urging users to document everyday moments and personal stories. Klokbox distinguishes itself by prioritizing privacy and genuine reflection. Avoiding metrics like likes, follower counts, direct messaging, and hashtags.

The app sends daily reminders to encourage users to record moments on a dynamic timeline. Therefore facilitating the sharing of memories as visual stories with loved ones.

Klokbox also facilitates the creation of a personal movie, narrating the user’s life story through daily experiences and transforming them into captivating, shareable storybooks.

Features like recording longer videos, creating unlimited storybooks, and appointing keyholders for posthumous sharing cater to diverse storytelling needs.

History and vision:

Klokbox was launched in 2021 by Don Culloty. The idea came from a deep desire to address the challenge of maintaining connections amid life’s complexities…

Such as divorce, distance, or even death. It raises important questions about relationships.

How to stay connected with children after divorce? How to convey “I love you” in a transcendent way? And, how to guide and support loved ones from beyond?

Klokbox’s vision transcends creating just another digital platform. It aims to build a lasting bridge of emotional and meaningful communication.

It ensures that your presence is felt, your voice heard, and your love known, regardless of physical or temporal barriers.

Core features:

Klokbox‘s core features are crafted to capture, safeguard, and share life’s moments intimately and securely. Here are the key elements that set Klokbox apart:

  • Voice Narration. Users can infuse their memories with their own voice, adding depth and personal context to photos and videos, transforming them into vivid narratives.

  • Digital Story Box. It provides a secure digital sanctuary where users can store their treasured memories. Not just as images or videos, but as stories enriched with personal narrations.

  • Privacy-Focused Sharing. Klokbox prioritizes privacy, enabling users to share memories selectively with chosen family and friends. Free from the wider exposure typical on social media platforms.

  • Keyholder Feature. Users can designate “keyholders” who can access their Klokbox in case of the user’s incapacity or passing. That way crucial memories and information can be passed on.

  • Ad-Free Experience for Premium Users. Premium users enjoy an uninterrupted Klokbox experience. Free from advertisements, allowing them to focus solely on their memories.

  • Longer Video Recordings. Premium users have the ability to record longer videos. That way providing greater flexibility in how they document their memories.

  • No Data Selling. Klokbox pledges not to sell user data, placing user privacy and trust as top priorities.

These features collectively make Klokbox more than just a photo and video storage app. It transforms into a holistic platform for safeguarding life’s moments as personalized, narrated stories, meant to be cherished and shared through generations.

Unique selling points:

  1. Storybooks. Users can craft digital storybooks from narrated photos and videos, organizing memories thematically for easy sharing and storytelling over time.

  2. Voice Narration. People can add their own voices to memories. Adding emotional depth and context… transforming images and clips into rich, narrated stories.

  3. Privacy-Centric Sharing. Users can share memories with selected family and friends. That way ensuring personal moments remain private amidst social media’s privacy concerns.

  4. Digital Legacy and Keyholder Feature. Users can appoint keyholders to access their memories in case of incapacity or passing on.

  5. Unlimited Storybooks for Premium Users. Premium users can create and share unlimited digital storybooks. Organizing memories into thematic collections (aka Story Boxes) for easy sharing and preservation.

This position sets Klokbox as a comprehensive solution for creating, preserving, and sharing digital memories with a personal and emotional depth. Unmatched by traditional social media or cloud storage services.

Comparative Analysis

In the realm of digital diaries, both 1 Second Everyday (1SE) and Klokbox offer unique video diary features catering to diverse needs.

Their approaches to video diary creation vary, spanning from snippet collection to daily video compilation and music integration.

1 Second Everyday (1SE) is known for its captivating ability to weave second-long snippets from life into a compelling personal movie.

Users are drawn to 1SE’s promise to make each day memorable, often downloading it after hearing about its innovative concept.

With easy-to-use settings, 1SE guides users in compiling original video content into 1-second clips. Making it accessible for anyone to craft a meaningful life movie.

The app is free, with a paid version offering enhanced features. Its reminders ensure users capture a snippet every day, preventing missed moments.

Klokbox, on the other hand, focuses on legacy and deeper connections in video diary creation.

It offers a unique proposition: how to continue influencing and connecting with loved ones, even beyond life.

This vision drives features allowing users to add voice narrations to videos, creating a more intimate memory collection.

Emphasizing privacy and secure sharing…

Klokbox distinguishes itself from 1SE with digital story box and keyholder features.

These ensure memories can be passed down or shared selectively. Reflecting a commitment to preserving personal legacies and fostering lasting connections.

Family capturing a memory around family dinner table. 7 Reasons to Capture a Memory Each Day - Digital Memory Book

Video Diary Features:

1SE revolves around capturing and stitching together 1-second video snippets to form a daily video compilation.

This approach encourages users to discover meaningful moments in their everyday lives. The app simplifies snippet collection with easy-to-use editing tools. Including options to rotate and fill frames for vertical videos.

Users can also personalize their compilations by adding music, enhancing the emotional resonance of their memories.

In contrast, Klokbox stands out with features emphasizing longevity and legacy in video diary creation.

Beyond mere snippet collection, Klokbox allows users to incorporate voice narration into their photos and videos…

Transforming them into narrated stories.

This adds depth and a personal touch absent in traditional video diaries. While Klokbox supports daily video creation,

Its standout feature lies in crafting a more comprehensive life narrative.

Intended for sharing with future generations or designated loved ones.

1 second everyday pricing

Credit: 1SE


1SE operates on a freemium model, where the app is free to use for basic video diary features. That includes capturing and stitching together 1-second video clips.

For users looking to enhance their experience with additional functionalities such as adding music, extra editing features, and removing limitations on video compilation length, there is a paid version. This subscription also typically offers advanced backup options and customer support.

€60.99/year or €5.08/month

Klokbox, while also free for its basic features, focuses on the long-term value of its content.

Offering premium subscriptions that provide unlimited storage, longer videos, unlimited storybooks and the unique keyholder feature.

€30/year or €2.99/month

Backup and Archiving:

Backup and archiving features are standout aspects of both apps, each excelling in its own way. 1SE prioritizes the security of your daily snippets by offering seamless backup to cloud services.

Ensuring the safety of your video diary across device changes or phone loss. The app’s settings streamline backup options, simplifying the process of preserving memories.

In contrast, Klokbox adopts a more holistic approach to archiving. Emphasizing the preservation of videos as part of a user’s digital legacy.

Its keyholder feature allows designated loved ones to access archived content based on specified conditions.

Making it an invaluable tool for memory inheritance. Premium users enjoy unlimited storage. Guaranteeing the preservation of every video, photo, and narrated memory without space concerns.

Klokbox‘s core features are crafted to capture, safeguard, and share life’s moments intimately and securely. Here are the key elements that set Klokbox apart

User Experience:

1SE boasts an interface that’s both inviting and intuitive. Transforming life documentation into a fun and insta-worthy experience.

Its reminders, easily accessible through the app’s settings, play a vital role in maintaining user engagement, ensuring seamless daily capture becomes a habit.

On the other hand, Klokbox provides a user-friendly experience with added functionalities.

Prioritizing privacy and enabling the creation of narrated life movies. It offers a unique user journey focused on long-term memory preservation and secure sharing.

In summary, 1SE centres on making each day memorable through simple, engaging daily captures.

Klokbox offers a platform for building a lasting impact with narrated videos and secure sharing.

Both cater to the desire for life documentation, albeit from different perspectives…

Whether seeking fun daily documentation or meaningful life movies for sharing across generations.

Both apps offer compelling features that meet diverse user needs.

Klokbox Daily Reminders

What if you forget a day? Reminders:

Reminders play a crucial role in both apps, ensuring users maintain consistency in their video diary activities.

1SE boasts a robust reminder system that prompts users to capture their daily second.

This aligns with the app’s philosophy of making every day meaningful and aiding users in forming a daily recording habit.

Meanwhile, Klokbox also offers reminder functionalities but focuses more on thoughtful memory collection and sharing.

Its reminders may encourage users to narrate or share significant moments within their private network. Emphasising the app’s aim of fostering lasting connections.

Overall, while both apps ensure users engage with their video diaries regularly, they cater to slightly different objectives:

Daily habit formation in 1SE and meaningful emotional legacy building in Klokbox.

The choice between the two may hinge on what users prioritize:

The fun and consistency of daily recording or the profound connection and memory preservation.

Record One Second Video. Daily Videos

The 1 Second Everyday app has redefined the idea of capturing daily life by condensing it into mesmerizing one-second video snippets.

Upon discovering or downloading 1SE, you may have been captivated by its promise to effortlessly document each day with a simple tap.

This innovative app weaves these snippets into a continuous narrative, transforming ordinary moments into a compelling visual diary spanning months or years.

With user-friendly guidance through its settings… 1SE ensures a seamless experience, prompting you to record your daily second and ensuring no moment slips by unnoticed.

For many users, the journey with 1SE has been transformative.

As they commit to capturing life’s fleeting moments, preserving them as a testament to their lived experiences. It’s more than just an app – it’s a dedication to appreciating and embracing each day.

Spurred by reminders on your phone to seize the world around you. Whether reflecting on the present or revisiting days gone by, 1 Second Everyday aims to make every day memorable.

Despite any initial apprehensions, its intuitive interface and supportive community prove that capturing life’s moments is simpler than imagined.

Through this innovative platform… Documenting life evolves from a task on your to-do list to…

A meaningful ritual that deepens your understanding and gratitude for the world around you.

Klokbox Video Journal

Klokbox transcends the traditional video journal format…

By offering users the ability to stitch together comprehensive narratives of their lives

going beyond mere second-long snippets.

This captivating app expands its scope to include a broader, emotionally resonant tapestry of memories.

With Klokbox, the focus is on meaningfully compiling life’s journeys. Whether documented over a month, a year, or a lifetime. The app cleverly utilizes phone reminders to prompt users to capture these moments, ensuring no memory is left unrecorded.

For those dedicated to creating memorable videos, Klokbox represents a transformative tool that fundamentally alters their approach to preserving personal history.

Conclusion. Should You Use 1 Second Everyday (1SE) or Klokbox?

Deciding between 1 Second Everyday (1SE) and Klokbox for your video diary needs comes down to understanding their unique strengths and weaknesses, as highlighted in our comparative analysis.

1SE excels with its simplicity and focus on capturing a 1-second video daily. Turning these moments into a captivating narrative of your life, month by month, year by year. It’s ideal for those who want an effortless way to document life’s transformation over time through brief snippets.

On the other hand, Klokbox offers a more comprehensive approach to memory preservation.

Emphasising the creation of a meaningful archive that can be shared across generations. It’s suited for those interested in leaving a meaningful impact, with features like voice narration and secure sharing.

If you value the ease of capturing daily moments and enjoy watching your life unfold in short videos, 1SE could be the perfect choice. Its simplicity and focus on daily documentation make it great for everyday users.

Alternatively, if you seek a detailed and narratively rich record of your life, Klokbox provides unique features catering to these needs. Its emphasis on depth and emotional connection makes it ideal for those viewing their video diary as a legacy project.

Both apps offer powerful tools for documenting life’s journey. Whether through 1SE’s focus on daily snippets or Klokbox’s emphasis on connection and storytelling.

Recording these moments becomes an integral part of understanding and appreciating our lives. Witnessing our evolution over time and creating cherished memories.

Whether you’re drawn to 1SE’s easy-to-use platform or Klokbox’s connection-building features

The important step is to start.

Stitch together those second-long snippets, and make every day memorable as you embark on your video diary journey.

1 Second Everyday VS Klokbox. Which Video Diary Wins

1 Second Everyday VS Klokbox. Which Video Diary Wins