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Lately, I have been trying to support a loved one through a really difficult time. Nothing seems to lift them up, my options are limited.

Watching someone you love drown in tears of loneliness while refusing to grab a raft within arm’s reach is tough, I always suggest journaling

The real power of a journal comes to the fore when I see a friend in this awful place. They do not identify with depression, even though they are exhibiting many of the signs and the trigger is probably something deep-rooted that they will most probably not identify.

Why Start Journaling Write a Legacy for Your Kids

Why Start Journaling Write a Legacy for Your Kids

What Can I Do To Help?

Often their sadness is too far gone so they are unable to seek help professionally. I will often try to weave the techniques, tools, resources, and tactics which have worked for me in the past into our regular conversations, but it can be hard to watch someone drown when they refuse to grab a single raft that floats by.

I love them, I cannot help them but Klokbox can

Those are the days when I miss their phone call, I’m not as quick to text back or invite them over for a cup of coffee and a chat as I should be. I have healthy boundaries but I feel bad not being there for them.

The other day, after a few days without much communication, we met up for a coffee chat. They were not in the best of moods and were clearly struggling. After we ordered some coffees and snacks, we settled in and I asked, ‘How are you doing?’

‘I do not think a single person would miss me if I ceased to exist’

Before I could ask anything they waved their hand in front of me and said, ‘Stop it. I’m not suicidal, I just know that I do not have a lot to offer and most people would not miss me if I was gone. I am not going to hurt myself, so quit stressing.’

Writing things down helps enormously. When we feel that others do not love us enough, we should always stop and see if we are loving ourselves enough.

‘I have no idea why you would feel that way,’ I said back, ‘go and download the journaling app Klokbox I suggested, start keeping a journal of what’s happening each day, and start to identify with the things that are triggering your negative thoughts. You will soon see patterns of thoughts and negative people.

Keep writing, you’ll soon see a pattern of negative thoughts and people.


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Why Start Journaling? Write a Legacy for Your Kids_