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A memory box is the best way of storing memories and important documents for future generations or for your loved ones to open in the coming time. It is a great family activity that not only connects your family but also can make new memories for your children.

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How to Use Klokbox to Keep Your Memories Alive

Family memories are a valuable part of your life and can be treasured for years to come. To keep these memories alive, use Klokbox to capture special moments and experiences from your childhood. Klokbox can be used to keep track of your most cherished family moments, as well as any other memories that you want to remember long-term.

What To Add in My Time Capsule?

Here are some examples of important things that people love kloking:

  1. Wedding picture with a message of how you felt in that moment – Klok it to your kids or husband.
  2. Best summer holidays with family or friends.
  3. A moment that has changed your perspective of life -This is a good option for your kid’s capsule, to pass on wisdom.
  4. Journals with tapes and pictures attached to that moment and time.
  5. Family recipes.
  6. Family stories and traditions.

Basically everything you would love to have had from someone you loved that may not be around anymore! – I would give everything to have a videotape of my mother cooking us her famous Christmas turkey again, the smell of her food will be always in my memory, it would be like a dream if every year I could play her video on my Klokbox and cook “with her” again.

You can always go back and make daily or weekly updates, the best thing is that Klokbox is always available!  So, if in the middle of the night or during a busy day you remember something important you want to save, just open the app and Klok it. It is hard not to get couth up in our busy lives and forget to save those little moments, but it is important to have a place where we can find ourselves.

How to Keep Creating Memories With Your Family

One of the best ways to create lasting memories with your family is by engaging in activities that will create a shared experience. For example, parents can help their children paint or draw together, or make a memory book together.

Another great way to create lasting memories with your kids is by providing them with opportunities to share their experiences. For example, ask them about their favourite memories and how they remember them. This will help build strong Bridge connections between you and your kids, which will last into the future. 

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