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Sharing Memories Forever

Here is a quick tutorial on how you can appoint a keyholder on your Klokbox account and ensure that all your most cherished memories will be shared with those you love the most

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What is a Keyholder?

Should anything happen to you, appointing a keyholder is knowing that your kloks are in good hands and that your trustees, will have the power to release all those amazing memories when it’s time. It’s like giving a magical key to someone your trust, but they will be able to use it only in case of an emergency.

The keyholder system ensures that your memories and important documents remain protected and inaccessible until the right time. We allow you to set two keyholders, not just one.

The Importance of Keeping Details Close to Your Heart

Details are important. They help you keep track of what’s going on in your life and make sure that you’re on the right track. But sometimes, it’s easy to forget about the little details. That’s why it’s important to keep them close to your heart. The amount of details you keep in mind and also inscribe, relies on both the moment you are required to discover it and also how you made it personally relevant to you. When you keep the details close to your heart, you’ll never forget what’s important. You’ll always be able to stay on track and reach your goals. Our memories might haunt us or maintain us, however in any case, they define us.

Preserving memories of special times is important as it allows us to reflect on our past experiences and learn from them. Memories are what shape our identity and define who we are. We can revisit the joys of childhood, the triumphs of adulthood and the bonds we have with our loved ones.

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