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The gist is to look at your kids’ artwork and realize that it is not something you made. As the project was something they did. It was a product of their imagination. Whatever you do with your kids’ artwork, remember that it is an opinion, a way of expressing ideas.

“The child sees the world through his own eyes, and he thinks in terms of his own experience – he lives it as we do. He sees things from his own point of view – he acts from his own point of view. He does everything from his own point of view. He does not understand the other point of view – that which lies beyond him.“ Robert Oppenheim

1. Create a story box with your kids’ artwork

If you have a child who has any sort of talent, especially in the art world, it’s important to nurture it. Don’t push! You can’t expect your child to create masterpieces without consistent guidance and praise. Also, keep in mind not to force them to draw with the same attitude you had when they were a toddler. You can’t force them to paint using the same brushes they used on their crayons. They need time to grow and learn — not judgment or criticism from an adult trying to micromanage their work.

Create a memory box with your kids' artwork

Create a memory box with your kids’ artwork

2. Save your kid’s artwork forever by kloking it on Klokbox

Let’s face it. There is no doubt that it’s easier to forget and lose your kid’s art. After all, we’re just not meant to keep them forever. It’s easy to take a photo of your kid, which is then relegated to text on the web, or a cute picture on Facebook. Furthermore, some people even have the gall to snipe when they see your kids’ artwork. However, that’s exactly why you need Klokbox. It’s a mobile app that lets you save your kid’s artwork and memories forever!

Klokbox puts the power into the hands of parents and allows them to upload any picture and make it searchable by time or specific subject matter (fans, sports, pets). It also allows you to share it with your partner, family, and friends in one click just like Facebook or Twitter. The app is free and requires only an internet connection.

3. Frame your child’s artwork and hang it in your home

Your kids put so much effort into their artwork, so why not show it off in style? Klokbox is the perfect way to display your child’s artwork – and it makes a great conversation starter, too. Plus, you can save all of your child’s artwork in one place with Klokbox. How cool is that?

Frame your child's artwork and hang it in your home

Frame your child’s artwork and hang it in your home

4. Display your child’s artwork in a public place

You don’t have to buy a painting by Picasso or Monet or go on a trip to Europe. You can draw your own artwork and put it out in public places to share with others. One of the most memorable things that I’ve ever done was hang up my artwork on a sign outside my house. The first time I did this, I thought it was just an ordinary thing you see people doing all over the place. But, when I looked closer, there were so many incredibly talented artists and some of them were actually making money off of their art pieces. Some of the really famous ones even sell online like on Etsy!

I don’t know what my dad would think if he saw me hanging up his artwork here in our little neighbourhood. It’s funny though because he used to be one of those guys who would never let his kids do anything without supervision. Whether it was eating candy or playing outside without supervision. He never had any issues with that at all. He always said it was better to have your children do something than not do anything at all.

Art For Their Future

So, yeah, when I look at my artwork now. I could still see how beautifully painted some of the pieces are and how detailed they are, but guess what? It’s because they were meant to be seen as art pieces and not just something we hang on the wall every day while we cook dinner together at home. And if you want to pursue your own artistic path too — seriously consider going on a road trip! Whether you’re travelling the country or just taking a walk across the ocean — whatever you want to do. I think making art is an enriching experience that you can only achieve if you let yourself get lost in it for a while.

5. Create a scrapbook or photo album with your child’s artwork

You can make a scrapbook for your child or start a photo album. A book of memories is a positive way to remember your child’s early life. The child’s recollection of the time they spent with their parents, siblings, and other relatives will be an important aspect of that memory. It doesn’t have to be a book that only your child will read, it could be just the one you and your spouse share.

If you aren’t interested in starting a scrapbook, you can still create photos that are memorable for your child. A scrapbook can consist of photos taken on different occasions such as their first day at school, their first day of kindergarten, etc., or even simple snapshots from an event or memorable moment from a trip or vacation. You can use audio-visual mediums such as films or videos to capture those moments.

As for the direction in which you want your photo collection to go, this is entirely up to you and how much interest you have in keeping track of these memories for years ahead. You could consider creating a video journal that highlights the events of your kid’s life by asking them questions about those moments and documenting them so they can remember them forever.

6. Give your child’s artwork as a gift to someone special

Save your kids’ artwork and give it as a unique gift this year. Klokbox is a beautiful way to store and present your child’s artwork. Choose from one of our many designs or create your own custom box. It makes a great keepsake for grandparents, godparents, or anyone else special in your child’s life. As the art media evolves, the role of parents and grandparents in creating memories for their children is also important.

Children love to create. They love to make things. Make a bed, make a mess, and make a mess again. Take toys out of boxes and put them on the floor, then throw them into a box again. They love to do it with their parents. In fact, I’ve seen this process happen countless times when I was growing up: My mom would sit down on the floor and play with her kids’ toys for hours on end. She would even hold their hands as she worked with them to create some kind of imaginary world together.

It was her way of keeping my siblings and me interested in something that wasn’t exclusively hers. It was what she did when she had nothing else to do (which happened often).

We hope you found these tips helpful and that you will be inspired to frame your child’s artwork in a way that is both creative and special. If you are looking for a simple, easy-to-use framing solution, we recommend trying Klokbox. Klokbox is an app that allows you to easily frame your photos and artwork without ever having to leave your home. You can download the Klokbox app from the App Store or Google Play today!

Give your child's artwork as a gift to someone special

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