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Did you Know… Father’s Day was founded in Washington in 1910 by Sonora Smart Dodd, who was born in Arkansas. Its first celebration was in the Spokane YMCA on June 19, 1910. Her father, the Civil War veteran William Jackson Smart, was a single parent who raised his six children there. After hearing a sermon about Anna Jarvis’s Mother’s Day at Central Methodist Episcopal Church in 1909, she told her pastor that fathers should have a similar holiday honoring them. Although she initially suggested June 5, her father’s birthday, the pastors of the Spokane Ministerial Alliance did not have enough time to prepare their sermons, and the celebration was deferred to the third Sunday of June.

Fathers are the first friend you make and the last love of your life

Father’s Day Celebration

Father’s Day Celebration

Father’s importance to children was widely unrecognised until the 20th century, thankfully their place in the psychological development of children is now embraced more intellectually. This is one of many reasons why we klok memories for our kids to Klokbox.