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Don’t worry about how your Klokbox looks. Don’t worry if you haven’t given it a name yet or feel overwhelmed. Just click the “klok” button, and you’ll know why you’re here.

Why do we share socially?

Deep down we are all insecure, looking for endorsement.

What if we jumped inside instead, and moved away from our need to be constantly endorsed by others?

What would happen if we managed to achieve joy from sharing into the future, a time to think about how we will be remembered?

The joy of missing out is a very positive statement to those you care about, it shows how much you’ve grown in life and how much wisdom you accumulated.

Start your Klokbox today for free!

Here you can live forever, share stories, to love eternally. Passing on inspiration and life experiences or important information to those you care about.

What can I include in my time Klokbox?

You can fill your box with all sorts of keepsakes and mementoes that will bring back fond memories of the past. Here are some ideas to put into your box:
  • Photos are a great way to capture a moment and make it timeless. Whether it’s an old photograph from a trip or a picture taken at a special event.
  • Videos are another great way to document a moment in time. Record yourself sharing words of encouragement or happiness with the recipient. Maybe it’s a video of you two doing something fun together, or even a video of you telling them why you appreciate them.
  • You could also digitalise notes, cards and letters filled with heartfelt messages that capture the moment.
Klokbox Safely Share Memories

Klokbox Safely Share Memories