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Father’s Day is coming up, how would you show your father that you love him? The effort and thought mean way more than the physical gift, that’s why strive to create wonderful memories that will last a lifetime rather than looking for another thing to buy. To make this process less stressful and more enjoyable overall, try one of these ideas:

Create a Time Capsule

Klokbox is the perfect way to tell your father you care about him. It’s an interactive digital time capsule with memories, stories and favourite things you did together, all stored securely on a cloud, ready to be released this Father’s Day. It’s a special and unique gift idea that will melt even stone hearts away. Klokbox is free to use, sign up today here.

Learn About His Family

A family tree is a powerful tool for learning about our past, and it can be an awesome way to feel more connected with those who came before us. Tracing your dad’s lines in order from oldest generation through youngest will show you all sorts of interesting things like where he got his accent or what languages were spoken during certain periods in history. What’s even better than being completely amazed by these discoveries? That you can do that on Klokbox for free. Sign up today and start tracing your family roots.

What Are His Favorite Memories of His Dad?

One of my favourite memories, as a child was when I would go on the car, rides with Dad. We used to play games and have fun, which is something that doesn’t happen nowadays because people are too busy working all the time! It makes me wish he could experience these moments again through photos or video clips from our shared past so we can share some good times together even if it’s just in spirit! Ask your dad about his favourite memories as a kid and tell you more stories about your grandfather.

Fathers day gift ideas

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Homemade Gifts Are The Best

Making your homemade gift is a great way to show him how much you care. If he enjoys crafting, the two of you should work in harmony so as not to overburden yourself with responsibilities or make mistakes! The most memorable gifts come from being hands-on and putting time into making something special just for someone else – even if they have everything already at their disposal. Check out these handmade crafts Hand Keychain and Building Memories.

Father's day gift

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Home-cooked Meals and Treats

Show your love for Dad by baking him something he’ll enjoy. A delicious Father’s Day dinner isn’t just any old treat – it should be made with care and thoughtfulness. For the best outcome, try using some new recipes from around the world that reflect cultural heritage!

Participate in His Favorite Hobby

Spend time with your dad! If he loves cooking, work in the kitchen together at night when everyone is sleeping or spend some quality one-on-one bonding during his favourite hobby hours!

father's day

Father’s day

Discover His Memories and Stories

Family memories are the foundation of our past and present. Reading them can help us remember who we were, what life was like at that time in history – or maybe even how it felt to be part of something larger than ourselves for once! Families bring people together through shared experiences; reading about your family’s stories is surely going to make you feel closer as a result.

Where Does Your Name Come From?

Your last name can tell you more about your family than ever imagined. Find out how it was formed and what the story behind this ancient symbol is for their descendants today!

Spoil Him With Breakfast in Bed

Why not make breakfast in bed special and enjoy it with your dad this Father’s Day? You can start on the right foot by giving him some of his favourite brunch foods like pancakes or waffles. Bonus points if they’re chocolate chip because we all know how much Dad loves them 🙂

What Were the Gits Back Then?

Listen to the old records and get a feel for where you came from. You’ll be able to share your memories with family members by playing these songs that transport you back in time!

Are you still looking for some special gifts? Here are our picks:

What I Love About Dad Journal, Fathers day

What I Love About Dad Journal

Movie Bucket List. Fathers day

Movie Bucket List

Embarrassing Book of Dad Jokes. father's day

Embarrassing Book of Dad Jokes

Your dad is one of the most important people in your life. No one knows you better or loves unconditionally as he does! Make sure to do things for him this Father’s Day because it will mean so much – even if we can’t show our appreciation with words, at least some actions speak louder than any amount of money could ever teach us how good they feel when given by someone truly compassionate towards another human being just as importantly their child.

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