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Instagram has introduced a new feature that’s catching the eye of many: Secret Stories. This new reveal lets creators hide their story content behind a blurred preview:

Only visible by sending a DM.

By clicking on the blurred story, viewers are prompted to send a direct message (DM). Therefore adding an interactive layer to the usual story experience.

Is this the best way to share and relive your memories?

Let’s dive into the capabilities of Instagram’s latest tool and compare it with Klokbox.

Understanding Instagram’s Hidden Stories aka Secret Stories. Who Can View Them?

Instagram’s Secret Stories feature introduces a fresh way to share moments with a touch of privacy and exclusivity. Here’s how to create a Hidden Story on Instagram:

  • Press the sticker icon. Initiate the process to create a Secret Story.

  • Select the “secret story” option. Choose this feature to create a story with restricted visibility.

  • Choose viewers. Decide which followers can view the Secret Story: Close Friends or All Followers.

This allows for more selective sharing, aiming to enhance user interaction on a more personal level.

Source: Instagram

What Are Secret Stories? How Do You Reveal Them?

The “Reveal” feature allows users to post a hidden Story that followers can unlock by sending a direct message. Additionally, new functions have been added to let users share their favourite music and showcase cherished memories in their Stories. To view such a Story, followers need to send a direct message to the poster.

Limitations of Viewing and Interacting with Hidden Stories

While Hidden Stories add a layer of privacy, they also come with limitations. Viewers cannot replay these stories, which may diminish the impact of the moment shared. Moreover, the lack of broader engagement tools such as public comments means interactions are limited to those who view the story. This could either:

  • Simplify the interaction

  • Keeping it intimate, or

  • Frustrate users who want to share or reject reactions more openly.

Overall, Instagram’s new feature could improve the way users share and experience stories. Therefore encouraging a smaller, more select audience to engage directly and intimately. That might reflect a shift in how social media platforms are adapting their algorithms to cater to user demands for more privacy and meaningful engagement.

Klokbox: A Different Approach to Memory Sharing & Revealing

Klokbox takes a distinctive approach to memory preservation. Focusing on deep, meaningful connections rather than the fleeting interactions. Our app encourages users to create and share their life stories with a level of permanence and privacy. Not typically found on other social networks.

Request Peeks & Reveals
Request A Sneak Peek on Klokbox

The Core Features of Klokbox

Klokbox is designed around secure Story Boxes, virtual spaces where you can gather and organize your memories. By uploading photos, videos, and audio messages, users can craft detailed narratives.

This method of creating a story allows for a richer, more engaging experience. Users are prompted to type a short title, adding layers to the memories they preserve. The flexibility to frame each memory within its story.

Turns simple media uploads into profound personal histories.

Capture Your Voice On Every Image
Record a short Audio Message for each Memory

Relive Your Memories in Storybooks

Klokbox transforms the way you can relive your memories by offering a unique Storybook feature. This option allows you to:

  • Create Detailed Storybooks. Compile your photos, videos, and audio into cohesive storybooks.
  • Personalize Your Experience. Customize each storybook to reflect personal themes or significant life events.
  • Share Privately. Choose who gets to see your storybooks, ensuring your memories are shared with just the right audience.
  • Preserve Permanently. Unlike fleeting social media stories, these storybooks serve as a lasting archive that you and your loved ones can revisit anytime.

Klokbox’s Storybook feature is perfect for those who wish to keep their memories alive in a more meaningful and organized way.

Capture your life on Klokbox

Creating Lasting Memories with Klokbox

Unlike posting a story on platforms like Instagram or YouTube, where content is fleeting… Klokbox’s multimedia storybooks are meant to serve as permanent archives. These storybooks enable users to compile their memories in a structured format that

Can be revisited and cherished for generations.

This feature could fundamentally change how we think about digital legacies

Allowing memories to live on in a more tangible and accessible form.

Klokbox Privacy

Privacy and Control: Klokbox’s Unique Selling Points

Privacy is paramount with Klokbox. Our platform provides robust privacy settings that ensure content is only visible to those the user has chosen. This control over viewer access prevents unwanted sharing. And also maintains the intimacy of the memories shared. Which means no one is able to see your content without explicit permission.

Reveal Feature: Instagram vs. Klokbox

Instagram and Klokbox offer unique ways to reveal stories, each catering to different user needs.

Secret Stories On Instagram: Is That The Best Way To Share & Relive Your Memories?

Source: Instagram


  • Tap the “post your story” button, select the reveal option, and add a hint to engage viewers.
  • Stories can include text, music, and filters to enhance the mood.
  • The reveal is temporary, aiming to create a moment of surprise and initiate direct messages.
Receiving sneak peeks on Klokbox

Receiving sneak peeks on Klokbox


  • Offers a lasting reveal through its story boxes.
  • Users can choose a set date in the future or Reveal a box NOW.
  • The focus is on longevity, allowing stories to be revisited and cherished over time.

How Easy Is It To Create and Share Your Stories

Creating and sharing stories on both platforms cater to user creativity but differ in their approach.

Posting a story on Instagram

Posting a story on Instagram


  • Quick and intuitive: press a button, select an image or video, add music or a song, and post.

  • Ideal for users wanting to share quick, ephemeral moments.

Organize Your Phone

Adding a klok on Klokbox


  • Grab a snap, add some chat and choose the box.

  • Capture the emotions and voices around you to immortalise a moment in time.

Privacy and Viewer Control in Memory Sharing

Privacy settings and viewer control are critical for users. They prioritize confidentiality and control over their shared memories.


  • Provides options to select who can view the story via the “close friends” list.

  • Stories vanish after 24 hours. Which can prevent long-term privacy concerns but also lacks permanent sharing options.

Klokbox Privacy

Klokbox Privacy


  • Strong privacy controls allow users to decide who can view each Box and Storybook.
  • Characters need to be invited, ensuring that only intended audiences have access.

In summary, Instagram appeals to users looking to quickly create and share fleeting moments. Klokbox is better suited for those who desire to preserve detailed memories securely and permanently. Each platform allows users to be creative but caters to different aspects of social sharing and memory preservation.

How Klokbox Users Cherish Their Memories

Klokbox users value a platform where they can be authors of their own life stories. They craft, share, and preserve detailed narratives about their lives. This appeals to those who want to leave a meaningful legacy.

It’s not just about social presence; it’s about creating a lasting record. Klokbox enables users to share content that resonates deeply with friends and loved ones.

They do not need to worry about the transient nature of most social media posts.

Choosing the Right Platform for Your Memories

Deciding on the right platform for sharing memories depends on what you want to achieve. Instagram is great for those who want to tap the stickers icon, quickly share trendy content, and engage with a broad audience. It’s perfect for users who want to shake things up and are not concerned with long-term preservation.

On the other hand, Klokbox is ideal for those who prioritize lasting, meaningful memory preservation. It’s a service free from the criticism often directed at more ephemeral platforms. Together, Instagram and Klokbox can complement each other. Catering to both immediate and enduring sharing needs in a digital ecosystem. This dual approach allows users to enter both worlds seamlessly, depending on their immediate needs and future aspirations.

Final Thoughts: Which App Would We Recommend?

Choosing between Instagram and Klokbox depends on your needs and what you value in social sharing and memory preservation. If you’re looking to quickly share moments and start a conversation, Instagram’s features, like sending you a DM, might appeal more. It encourages users to be more creative with ephemeral content and allows you to shake up your usual posting habits.

On the other hand, if you’re looking ahead to preserving detailed, long-term memories with stringent privacy, Klokbox is the superior option. It supports users who wish to create enduring narratives that remain secure and private.

Ultimately, both platforms have their merits. But for those seeking a lasting and personal archive of memories, Klokbox stands out as the recommended choice.


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